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Mars Powder – Mars rules over the zodiacal Signs of Aries and Scorpio. This is the Lord of warfare, rage, destruction, and primal, sexual instinct.

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Mars Powder – the scent of war and conquest

Mars is the Planet associated with Ares, the God of War. The name of the Roman, War God is Mars and Ares is His Greek counterpart.

Mars rules over the zodiacal Signs of Aries and Scorpio. This is the Lord of warfare, rage, destruction, and primal, sexual instinct.

Mars invokes willpower, passion, and He evokes even the most lascivious lusts. He presides over sex, death and competition in general, as in competitive sports.

Want that rare? Or really bloody?

Mars‘s interests and expertise are essentially the severing of things, whether with surgeon’s scalpel or bastard sword. The removal of a tumor is the same to Him as the act of beheading someone in battle.

He’s equally happy in the metaphorical act of cutting someone or something out of your life. He is often instrumental in breaking unhealthy habits or breaking away from a toxic person.

Be forewarned… arguments are usually inherent and power struggles often unfold.

Mars in the Qabalah

The Qabalistic number of Mars (and its sephirah, Geburah) is 5 and this blend has five ingredients.

The same is true of my Mars oil and any other formula I make that relates to Him.

Fuel for the Fire

The nature of Mars is that of Elemental Fire. Powders, on the other hand, are Elemental Earth. The powders are herbs, roots and resins, that I chop, crush and blend into a fine powder.

They blend in with a base of pure, unscented talcum. It’s not the Gold Bond or Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder you get in stores. I have to order it from specific manufacturers.

There are NO priors scents in this talc, no preservatives or even any anti-caking/flow agents. It’s plain ol’ talc, pure and clean and safe to use on your body. That is, if it’s appropriate to the conjure your doing to put it on your body (never put something like Hotfoot Powder or Confusion Powder on yourself!).

In most cases, I only use about 30-40% talc, the rest is just the materia magicka (the herbs, roots, etc). In the case of Mars Powder, which is a little bit stinky, I use about 50% talc, to make it more tolerable.

You’re usually not going to be putting Mars Powder on yourself, anyway. Mars is for getting rid of something, for protection and so forth.

This blend has a few harsh ingredients like pepper in it, so don’t get it in your eyes! It will make you sneeze if you breathe it directly, so be careful and keep it away from children and pets.

Recipe for Destruction

Unlike my Mars Oil and Mars Incense, this powder does NOT smell good. This is for real magick, not silly “I take pretty pictures and post them on Instagram” magick.

Real spell work is sometimes unpleasant and Mars deals with unpleasantries; He’s a soldier, a warrior. He’s familiar with the scent of blood and sweat and fear.

A Talent For War

He’s the embodiment of that quote from Apocalypse Now… “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like… victory”.

This general-purpose blend is perfect for any type of Mars invocation and for daily offerings.

External Use Only. Keep away from eyes, nose, mouth and sensitive areas of skin! Keep away from children and pets!

Sold as a curio only

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