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Mars is the planet associated with Ares, the God of War.

Mars rules over the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio. This is the planet of warfare, rage, destruction, and primal instinct.

Mars invokes will power, passion, and lust. He presides over sex, death and competition in general, as in competitive sports.

Mars rules over the severing of things, whether that be the surgeon’s removal of a tumor from the body or the warlike act of beheading someone in battle. It can also be the metaphorical cutting of someone or something from your life, like an unhealthy habit or a toxic person.

The Qabalistic number of Mars (and its corresponding sephirah, Geburah) is 5. So, this blend has 5 ingredients, like all of my Mars oils, incenses, baths, etc.

Because of the fiery nature of Mars, most Mars incense blends have a potent aroma, so potent in fact that they make the eyes water. This is because it usually includes harsh ingredients like pepper. Instead of using pepper, my Conjure Work formula relies on other Mars herbs and resins, like Basil and Dragon’s Blood, giving off a far more pleasing smell, without compromising any of the important properties. Everything in this blend is strongly related to Mars.

I didn’t pick any ingredients based on good smell, alone. There are actually dozens of useful, Mars-related herbs to choose from. Instead of focussing in on one or two traditional choices, I broadened the horizons a bit.

The overall bouquet of this blend is brisk and manly, a scent befitting a warlord Yet, it has the sweet aroma of Dragon’s Blood, yielding a sultry, seductive tone, worthy of the Lord of Lust.

This general-purpose blend is well-rounded enough to be perfect for any type of Mars invocation.

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