Mace, closely relating to Nutmeg, invokes the power of the Planet Jupiter, Lord of Expansion, wealth, philosophy and honors

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Myristica fragrans 

Planet: Jupiter

Sign: Sagittarius

Magickal Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Mace, closely relating to Nutmeg, invokes the power of the Planet Jupiter, Lord of Expansion, wealth, philosophy and honors.

Size: 1 ounce

Mace falls in along with Nutmeg, under the heading of Jupiter.

Unlike its counterpart Nutmeg, it doesn’t seem to have any correlations with Mercury and Luna. It does make some sense though, because it’s a type of growth around the shell of the Nutmeg.

Using Mace

In Hoodoo practice, according to Catherine Yronwode, Mace draws in money. It’s reputation is perhaps a bit scandalous, in that prostitutes use it to draw customers. See also, Jezebel Root.

J.M. Greer informs that it has little traditional use in Western magick. Still, it finds its home in the southern Hoodoo recipes for money.

To use Mace for calling on Jupiter, try the following. On a piece of blue paper, the glyph for Jupiter.  Write your petition underneath.

Place a blue candle over the paper and dress it with Jupiter Oil. light it. Read the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter and ask Jupiter to grant you His blessings. Burn Jupiter Incense for added effect.

Mace is also a spice in various food dishes. Obviously, this makes it suitable for magickal cooking, anything relevant to Jupiter.

Sold as a curio only

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