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Lust Oil – Create an ambience of sexual desire to spice up your love and sex life, draw in a new partner

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Lust Oil – Create an ambience of sexual desire to spice up your love and sex life, draw in a new partner

Size: 1/2 ounce, glass bottle


Can you use sorcery products like this irresponsibly? Absolutely. You can also use your dinner fork irresponsibly, by using it to poke someone’s eye out. It doesn’t mean that you should and it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with dinner forks.

Responsibility starts with the individual. The irresponsible way to use this is to name a specific person in your spells. That’s immoral and I will laugh when it backfires on you. Some responsible suggestions for using this are…

Enhance Relationships

Love and sex get a little boring sometimes, when you have been together a long time. It’s normal. But it’s healthy to get it back on track. Talk to your partner and tell them you want to try this little bit of magick.

This does work, on the subtle levels that all spells work on. But hell, let’s face it… the placebo effect alone might be enough to jumpstart something!

Even if you don’t know diddly squat about Hoodoo, witchcraft or spells, the pure taboo, fun factor of bringing oils and candles into the bedroom to spice things up, it just might not need to be effective in any other way!

Even a mildly creative mind can think of scenes to use this Lust Oil in role play. Maybe tie your lover up and tell them you’re putting a spell on them. I don’t know, get creative, Cassanova. Earn it.

Upgrade Your Single Status

By this, I don’t mean to say get hitched. I’m not talking about getting yourself into a relationship. I’m referring to the folks who are single and happy that way. Some may even need to stay single, for various reasons.

But if you’re looking for something “no strings attached”, then do two things. One, be honest about it. Honesty is sexy. Two, ensorcel the situation. Cast a spell for a lover who wants the same.

Give me a lover who won’t cause me trouble,

Some sexy dream to chew on these bubbles.

—Porno For Pyros, Porpoise Head


Legitimate Lust

While the skeptics scoff, there is a real history of magick, the overlap between the psychology of influence and the parapsychology of Hoodoo type spells. Its power exists in the hazy gray area between the biological properties of human nature and the biology of plants, herbs and various roots.

No such thing as a pure aphrodisiac exists but certain substances come close. Even Viagra doesn’t turn anyone on, it only allows a man to turn on.

However, when we mix certain herbs together and combine them along ritual guidelines, according to magickal and biological guidelines, we come up with something that gets the job done.

What’s In It?

I did my nerdy magician homework and scoured over tons of spells that attempt to incite lust. As a student of St. Cyprian, I obviously went through the spells in the fabled “black books” attributed to him.

I culled the witchcraft archives as much as possible and made a fairly extensive (though not exhaustive) list of herbs and roots. Anything that even remotely has reputation for making the loins lusty.

From there, I pulled together various incantations and I looked over a variety of astrological conditions which are conducive to causing the copulations.

I settled finally on an appropriate number of them and the ones that made the final cut were the ones that had the highest respect for producing actual results. Without giving away too much, I’ll say that it contains Cardamom, Caraway, Hibiscus and Lemongrass.

There are 13 ingredients, all together, in this Lust Oil formula. Each one comes from either a grimoire, such as Cyprian’s or from old school witchcraft spells.

This oil works the same way that all true spells work, in secrecy and in helping the gateways of existing possibilities to swing open. It may not open up any gates that are locked but the gates that are unlocked, become more ready to swing.

Sold as a curio only

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