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Lust Incense


Lust Incense – Incite sexual passion and promote your prowess.

Please use responsibly 😉

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Lust Incense

This product is used to incite sexual passion. Use it responsibly.

There is a strong tradition in sorcerous practices of using magick to enchant for love and sex. Some use the more nefarious method of going after a specific person and I strongly advise against that.

The more sensible, advisable manner of proceeding is simply to cast a wide net and choose from that which is already on offer.

It’s not that difficult to find company, because there are billions of people on Earth and no one likes being alone. The problem lies in the fact that people tell themselves that they want to be alone. 

Well, you have a job to do and that job is to show yourself as someone they want to spend time with.

Men typically show affluence in terms of skills, dressing well, social status and by flashing money. Women typically show their value by dressing in sexy ways (even if subtly) and by demonstrating sweetness and helpfulness. They show how they act as the glue that keeps the tribe together and they demonstrate nurturing capacity. Men learn how to show off to impress women and women learn how to seduce men, without seeming to do so. Men tell jokes and women use makeup and both of these are subtle forms of enchantment. 

Witches and Rootworkers take it a step further and use magickal glamours. These are spells which attract the type of partner they’re seeking and these spells act on the invisible, astral layer of reality. 

Most of us yearn for physical intimacy. It’s true that it’s unhealthy to obsess over sexual conquests and even more so with capturing one, specific person. That’s especially true when  you already know that  they are not into you… let it go, ferfuckssake.

Mating Season 

The human animal loves touch and attention and people do get into a rut sometimes (no deer puns intended).

When no one is paying you any attention…  there are steps to turn it around and get back in the game.

First, you want to cleanse yourself, with an Uncrossing Bath and maybe use the Uncrossing Oil, as well. That will help you clear up any negative, spiritual conditions.

Then, you want to clean up your thinking about the whole matter of your love/sex life. For that, you want a Conjure Coaching session.

We formulate a strategy to help you land a partner for life… or one for the night, whatever you’re after.

You’re working with someone who wants to help you and has no harsh judgement if you’re wanting short term. As long as you’re not trying to bag someone who’s happily attached or someone who is definitely not interested, I’m willing to help. 

Once you’ve taken steps to address the spiritual blockages that might be present, we begin. Now that the stinkin’-thinkin’ is out of your head, we have a blank slate.

You’ll obviously want a new wardrobe, haircut, makeup, etc, if at all possible but it’s not required. 

By throwing some juju at the situation, you multiply your options and broaden your potential targets.

There are lots of ways to go when working with Lust Incense and you will have fun trying them.

The obvious choices are Venus and St. Cyprian.

Take a figural candle, dress it with Attraction Oil and dust it with Attraction Powder. Burn Lust Incense and recite the appropriate prayers. I can’t say which prayers, because it depends on which Spirit you choose and what you’re trying to accomplish. There are Venus prayers for marriage and Venus prayers for love and also for sex. This is likewise the case with Saint Cyprian and even with La Santisima Muerte.


Sold as a curio only. Do not ingest. To be burned on charcoal.

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