Lust Incense


Lust Incense

This product is used to incite sexual passion. Use it responsibly.

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Lust Incense

This product is used to incite sexual passion. Use it responsibly.

There is a strong tradition in sorcerous practices of using magick to enchant for love and sex. Whether it’s the more nefarious going after a specific person or the more sensible and advisable approach of “casting a wide net”, the fact is almost no one likes being alone.

Most of us yearn for physical intimacy. It’s true that it’s unhealthy to be obsessed with sexual conquests and even more unhealthy to be obsessed with capturing one, specific person, whether they are into it or not. Still, the human animal likes being touched and sometimes people get into a bit of a rut (no pun intended).

In those times, maybe it seems like you can’t get the attention of anyone, anywhere. In those times, it’s best to first cleanse yourself, with an Uncrossing Bath and maybe use the Uncrossing Oil, as well. That will help you clear up any negative, spiritual conditions.

Then, you’ll want to clean up your thinking about the whole matter of your love/sex life. For that, you’ll want to do a coaching session: Conjure Coaching and there, we can also address a strategy to help you either land a great partner for life or land one for the night, whatever you’re after.

Once you’ve taken steps to address the spiritual blockages that might be present, you’ve gotten the stinkin’-thinkin’ out of your head with a Conjure Coaching session or three, then you’ll want a new wardrobe, haircut, makeup, etc. I’m not the guy for that but unless you live in the middle of the wilderness, you have options all around you.

All that’s left is throwing some good juju at the situation. There are lots of ways to go, such as working with Venus, St. Cyprian, using figure candles, Attraction Oil or Attraction Powder. And of course, there’s Lust Incense.


Sold as a curio only. Do not ingest. To be burned on charcoal.

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