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Luna Incense


Luna Incense – harness the power of the Moon

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Luna Incense; Harness the power of the Moon

Size: 60 mL glass bottle 

Our closest wandering friend is the Moon and magicians refer to Her as Luna. The Moon acts as a sort of magick mirror for us, reflecting in the energies of the other bodies in our solar system.

She has immense power over our moods and our thoughts. Luna rules over any and all feelings of well-being or discontent we experience.

An important point for those who are new to astrology is about the word planet. Obviously the Moon is not a planet in the astronomical sense of the word and astrologers are well aware.

The word planet comes from the Greek and it means “wanderer”. Therefore it aptly describes any celestial object which revolves around another and it accurately depicts our Earth’s moon. 

So She’s hardly a planet but She’s definitely a Planet. I capitalize the word to illustrate the fact that there are powerful beings behind those hunks of rock, ice and gas, floating out there, in space. There are Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons and Spirits who call those rocks their own.

Luna in the Qabalah 

Related to the ninth Sephirah, Yesod, Luna relates  to the feminine and to the unconscious mind. Both Yesod and Luna hold the power of the concealment and teach power, through passivity.

Luna Incense lights up your mental framework through scent and through the Spirits of the plants it’s made of. Each ingredient is closely aligned with the Moon in all the various aspects of Her glory and Her powers.

Nine is the number of Luna and there are nine ingredients, each straight from the heart of the Moon. Every ingredient directly correlates to Luna and they easily tap into the subconscious mind.

Try using Luna Oil on yellow candles or on silver candles.

Burn this incense blend on Three Kings Charcoal.

Do not ingest. External use only.


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