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Love Draw Oil


Love Draw Oil – Capture The One. A potent, liquid bliss…herbs and resins pouring together into the chalice of your romantic bliss.

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Love Draw Oil – Capture The One. A potent, liquid bliss…herbs and resins pouring together into the chalice of your romantic bliss. An oil to anoint yourself and your bed with. Dress your red and pink candles with it and let those fires ignite in the heart of your soul mate. Also, use it as an offering to your favorite love Goddesses.

Size: 60 mL glass bottle

Love The Love

Why Love Incense? As far back the history of humanity goes, we concern ourselves with a few, essential motivations. One is safety, for which we turn to strong persons in our circle. Furthermore, we enchant for such things with tools like Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and New Money Oil.

One key goal we attempt to achieve in our lives is having a successful relationship(s) of the romantic variety. This requires several things. First, we must present as clean, thoughtful and at least reasonably attractive. So, we dress well, practice good hygiene and use our manners. Obviously, no bit of sorcery is going to completely side step a horrid personality… at least, not for very long.

Next, you need your communication skills, a working understanding of the psychology of the gender(s) that you’re choosing to pursue, etc. Of course, there’s a host of other important characteristics. But let’s focus on the witchy, sorcerous bit, shall we? I just knew you’d agree 😉

Some films such as Automatic Brain demonstrate, that a huge amount of what we do is completely unconscious. An absolutely staggering number of the daily “decisions” we make about other people are not really decisions, at all. They are rather, a filtering process that is an amalgamation of hundreds and even thousands of previous experiences.

We are constantly “sorting” people in and out of our lives but not because of who they actually are! Instead, we sort them on the basis of who they remind us of… because of prior experiences. Absolutely none of us are exempt from this and science has lots of fascinating data to back it up.

Making It Past The Watchtower

In one interesting bit of the film previously mentioned, the unconscious is likened to a guard at a watchtower. If it detects any incongruity, its alarms go off and it puts up shields. Once up, those shields rarely lower again. We humans rule others as desirable or undesirable in a swift, fairly ruthless manner. And we virtually NEVER base it on logic!

The detection process of the unconscious happens primarily by feel and touch. In fact, ALL of our other senses, even sight and hearing and scent, are subordinate to the kinesthetic sense of touch. Also to the more difficult-to-explain “sixth sense” of intuition. Now, consider if you will, that the overwhelming majority of people rely almost entirely upon their sense of sight. Is it any wonder that so many people are so terribly unhappy in their love life?

Sight and hearing are not bad in any way, they’re simply less reliable indicators of what and who will be good for us. We all say from time to time “I just knew it in my gut”. That’s because your gut knows better than your eyes do. But in those fractions of a second in meeting someone or in asking them out or flirting, humans don’t listen to their gut… at least most don’t. We tend to rely on our eyes and ears; falling for what the brain tells us is desirable symmetry in a face and a body.

We fall prey to flattering words. We filter… and not so well, either. To be fair, our brains are incredibly busy with rather large issues, like keeping us alive and out of harm’s way. And your brain likely recalls negative experiences with romantic soirées… ahem, cough… Tom; need we say more?!

So, in its defense your brilliant, marvelous, miraculous brain is a big, goofy dumb dumb stupid about filtering. Don’t worry, mine is too. We have a support group, with buttons and doughnuts. It’s on Wednesday at the Universalist Unitarian Church. Ask for Tom. Oh, wait. On second thought, don’t go to that meeting.

One In A Million

So, how… with all this lightning speed “filtering out” that we all do, does anybody ever link up with anyone? The answer is partly chance. Part of it is simple logistics (being in close proximity with someone regularly makes you more likely to notice them).

The last bit is what any two lovers would likely describe as “magic”. And that’s where love spells come in. We use sorcery in the same way that women use makeup and men dress nicely or work out. We use romantic magick to cast a wider net. A well-cast love glamour will act on those you encounter and cause them to pause. That few milliseconds of hesitation and attention, before they make the cut or keep decision is HUGE.

In that extra moment of sincere consideration, you have a chance to shine. Instead of them just blindly filtering you out as a poor match, you get a strange allure that brings them back round to you. Just that by itself makes people question “Why do I find this person so fascinating?”.


A magickal glamour is essentially, an illusion. It won’t hold up over the long haul of years but it will buy you a little extra time to get to know that someone special. It’s also affords them the opportunity to get to know you, to find out if you’re really as swell as your initial, first impression seems. Especially, since now, your first impression is all juiced-up with the power of a magick spell. Now, you’re walking with the aura of high-quality magickal oils and incenses and powders, lingering about you. You’re welcome.

We all try to look our best, sound our best and put off the right vibes. Love Draw products help you do just that. And as we just learned, putting off the right vibes should really come first on that list, right? And witchcraft is all about the vibes.

Care & Caution

It’s precisely because of this intense new level of attention that one must be cautious. Before working with any of these Love Draw products, make a careful list of exactly what you want in a partner. Write it down and use it in your spell.

I strongly suggest that you use the “wide net” approach. This means DO NOT enchant for one, specific individual! That is not love… that’s coercion and it’s nothing to build a happy relationship on. Instead, enchant using the lottery approach, meaning out of the billions of people, you rule out the ones who don’t fit your criteria. You do this in the positive, as you likely already know. Instead of saying “No Smokers!”, you say “health-centered, non-smoker”, etc.

Such wordings automatically rule out those who don’t fit what you’re looking for. Unless, that is, a person comes along who is freakin’ perfect for you, except for one thing, like smoking. Maybe they’re wanting to quit but they haven’t, only because they’re lonely. It would be a shame to pass up such an opportunity. Of course, many will say “Oh, I intend to quit”, when they have no real intention to do so, so exercise caution.

The Right Tool For The Job

Also, I really hope that you’ll only use this if you’re serious about devoting yourself to another human being. Please make sure you’re ready and capable of fully committing to the care of another person. If you’re hung up on some past relationship, first do a Cut & Clear!

If you’re only looking for sex, don’t use this. I have zero judgment if you’re just looking for sex… I’m a big fan of sex, it’s good stuff! But these products are geared toward relationships. For sex only, see the Lust products.

Know Thyself

It’s a potent thing to know one’s real values but not quite as simple as you might imagine. When I do Conjure Coaching with people, I walk them through a highest values exercise. During this exercise, people invariably discover at least one, surprising thing. Ideas they thought were not very important to them actually rank much higher than previously imagined. Conversely, some things they usually rank highly, turn out to be not such a big deal comparison other things. It is indeed about… asking the right questions.

The Logistics of Love

This is a 60 milliliter, glass jar. By the way, 60 mL is a LOT of incense! Some substances are denser and heavier than others but it’s at least an ounce of anything you put in one of these jars and in many cases, it ends up being closer to two ounces! Especially since, I put a tremendous amount of time into cross-referencing between the most trusted sources.

I scour through a tall stack of herbal encyclopedias, old grimoires and spell manuals. I personally test each ingredient and weight it first for magickal effectiveness and second, for scent. In most cases, I get something that not only works but also smells good. In this case, I got something that not only works but it smells great!

By the way, the Love Draw Oil is NOT the same bunch of ingredients as the Love Draw Incense or as the Love Draw Powder. Certain things work well as an oil but not as an incense. Some things are great for incense but not as a powder, and so on.

Real & Pure

I never blindly trust that an herb is right for inclusion in a spell mixture, just because some book or occult authority figure said so. I check and recheck and if necessary, I’ll scrap a formula and go back to the drawing board, rather than just release a half-ass product. Most importantly, I talk to the Spirits and my familiars and let them push me in the right direction.

All ingredients are either organic or wild-harvested.

The Waters of Love

Mars is the aggressive, masculine urge to conquer and to engage in the lustful parts of relationships… the good bits, right? The materia of Mars in this Love Draw Oil taps into the urge to copulate and to make something happen, instead of just exchanging glances. Mr. Mars acts rather impulsively at times and remember, we’re trying to get past the watchman at the gate. The longer people wait, the more opportunities they have to rationalize to themselves that they probably shouldn’t talk to you.

Luna (the Moon) is all about how we nurture ourselves and others. It’s the caring, compassionate angle that might just help you recognize a compulsive liar or a narcissist, instead of entangling with them. Listen to the intuition as you use these Love Draw products, like Love Draw Incense and Love Draw Powder. Trust the still, small voice of your Higher Self and whatever Spirit, God/dess you call on for your love spells.

If you want to go the extra mile, then get an astrology reading with me and I can help you pick the best astrological election for your working. We can also do a synastry and or composite chart, between you and a potential mate.

Using Love Draw Oil

Incense is the backdrop for your love spells. Before you begin the rest of your chosen spell, try bathing in Attraction Bath Mix and dressing in something appealing. Light some Love Draw Incense and then go about whatever your chosen spell is. It could be as simple as writing out your list of desirable traits, describing your perfect mate. Please remember, of course, nobody’s perfect; we all have faults. That is, except you, dah-ling… you’re perfect, just as you are!

Maybe you go the Hoodoo approach and you write out your list on a piece of brown, grocery sack. That usually appeals more to the men and/or the more masculine type person. Maybe you write it out on a piece of red, construction paper, cut into a heart. Maybe you put it on some beautiful stationary you’ve been saving. Do whatever works for you. Once complete, invoke whatever love Goddess or Spirit, etc, you want or maybe read from The Song of Solomon.

Anointing & Dressing

Dab the center and the four corners of your petition paper with this Love Draw Oil. Next, as you recite your chosen love spell, pass the petition paper through the smoke, seven times. Make sure to hit each side of it, on each pass. You’ll have to pay attention, as it’s easy to lose count.

Anoint yourself with the oil, on your body, as well. I would first suggest the heart (or the Solar Plexus). You want to draw someone who loves your heart, not just your body or even your mind. However, you may want to anoint certain other places, too. But be careful in any areas of sensitive skin, certain essential oils might irritate or burn highly sensitive skin. Dab the tiniest amount first, to test it.

When you anoint, do a total number of places on your body that add up to 1,3 or 7. A good example is an equal-arm cross (or a heart shape). Wet your finger with the oil and draw this over your heart (solar plexus), your forehead and just a few inches above the groin area. If you’re going out, you don’t want your head to be shiny, so you can use the base of your skull, under your hair, instead.

Especially true because, this particular love incense is pretty trance-inducing. Another magician was watching me make it. Upon smelling it, he said “Some might get more than they paid for, it terms of really tuning into what they want”. It does indeed transport the mind to the place where clearer conception of love issues is possible.

Then, sprinkle Love Draw Powder on it and fold the paper (toward you) three times. If your more masculine, carry it in your pocket, maybe inside a red or pink mojo bag.

Have fun, you crazy kids.

Do not ingest. External use only.


Check out the article, How To Use Magickal Oils on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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