Lodestone Food


Use Lodestone Food to “feed” your Lodestone spells. Especially good for Attraction Work, particularly in Hoodoo, to draw money, love/sex or various circumstances.

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Lodestone Food 

Also known as Iron Filings or Magnetic Sand

Sizes: 1 ounce bag


Uses for Lodestone Food

If you’re not familiar with Lodestones, it’s difficult to explain their “food”. I’m putting the description of a Lodestone here, so you’ll know.

If you already know what it is, you’re probably are here to purchase it. That’s because since it’s a pretty straightforward additional element of Lodestone spells.

Care & Feeding of Your Pet Rock

I’m being facetious because I believe that spell workers should have a sense of humor about what we do. But yes, you’re literally feeding a rock, a hunk of magnetic, Iron ore. You do this because it’s a traditional spell, a method of focusing attention, energy, will. That force goes into your spell with regular repetition.

The Lodestone is “fed” with Magnetic Sand, Iron Filings, Lodestone food. Naturally, that’s what this stuff is. Sprinkle some on the stone, each day, to “feed” it. It might sound odd but one of the key principles of magick is like attracts like.

Flowers need water and sunlight. People need the same, plus food, shelter, etc. Bees need pollen to make honey. Regular chunks of rock need certain conditions, pressure, heat, presence of particular minerals. This turns them into precious stones and crystals, etc.

Likewise, Lodestones need Lodestone Food, to empower the purpose you assign to them.

Styles of Working

Note, not all Lodestone spells call for giving it Lodestone Food, everyday. Some spells have you feed it as a reward. Use whatever method is most appropriate for your working. Experimenting also produces more knowledge of what works best.


Use Lodestones in your works of Attraction, to draw money, love/sex and other, various circumstances.

These are magnetic Lodestones that you place on your altar and use in your spell work. The smallest Lodestones are perfect to put into a mojo bag for carrying. Discreetly charge one and place it somewhere that no one will notice.

A large (or medium) size Lodestone is best used as an altar piece. Some like to place “Hunting Money” under the stone to charge it and have it draw more. As a worker, you speak to the stone and tell it to gather more of what is put under it.

Hunting Money

Charge the Hunting Money under the Lodestone for a while, put back into circulation and it does its work for you. Spend that money on something that is for the purpose of the work. In a love work, use that money to buy flowers and buy dinner for the intended. Place a picture of the person desired under the stone. Keep separate Lodestones for separate purposes, one for money drawing, one for love works, etc.

Money Spells

For a job working, spend your Hunting Money on new interview clothes or business attire or nice resume paper, etc. A self-employed person spends that money on their business.

Write out a petition paper on a piece of brown, grocery sack and set your lodestone over it. Feed it each day or at least once a week, telling it to draw your request to you.

Sold as a curio only

Do not ingest. For external use only.


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