La Santisima Muerte Oil (white)


La Santisima Muerte Oil (white) – An oil for working with the White aspect of La Santisima Muerte, The Holy Death.

Known as Santa Muerte, Holy Death, the Skinny Girl, this folk Saint is revered for Her power and speed of assistance.

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La Santisima Muerte Oil (white)

An oil for working with the White aspect of La Santisima Muerte, The Holy Death.

Also known as Santa Muerte, Most Holy Death and the Skinny Girl, this folk Saint is recognized over much of the globe as a powerful Spirit who can help or harm.

This Spirit is literally  Death, not merely a representation of Death. Therefore, tread lightly, with respect and deference.

This particular blend is formulated for working with Her “white” aspect, specifically matters of blessings, purification, healing, etc.

I have a large altar for La Santisima Muerte that is sectioned off for the various “colors” or aspects of Her.

The master bottles of these oils are housed on their respective shelves. In this way, they are continually charged by Her presence, through the images (statues, prayer cards, etc) and the offerings to Her.

La Santisima Muerte Oil (white)

The recipe for La Santisima Muerte Oil (white) was formulated to be a general purpose oil for all of these.

The herbs, resins and roots in this oil are the type of materia magica (spell ingredients) used in spells for blessing and purifying people, implements of witchcraft and places.

Dress a white candle with La Santisima Muerte Oil (white) and ask the Boney, White Lady to cleanse you and your life of all evil.

Ask Her to usher in good Spirits, health, harmony and spiritual progression

Dress a white candle (carved with your name on it) with this oil.

Or, simply dress a plain, white candle with the oil and burn it as an offering to Her. This can be used to anoint statues of La Santa Muerte, too.

Always remember that the Spirits are not vending machines. They are entities with whom we build relationships.

If they like us, they may help us.

An example prayer

“Oh, Santa Muerte Blanca, beloved Lady of Silence, She who knows the darkness in my heart and accepts me for who I am.

Oh, sweet protector of lost souls. Shield me from my enemies and season my life with sweetness. You who have power over all living things, do not forsake me as I place my faith in you.

Let my mind grow in wisdom, my heart grow in joy. Keep me safe until the day that the Creator sends you for me. Take me no sooner and until then, let me be truly happy.

When it is my time, help me to have a good death, one that my loved ones will be able to accept. Keep them in good health and prosperity, until it is their time to go.

Thank you for hearing my prayer and for sheltering all the members of my house from harm. Praise to you, La Santisima Muerte”

Do not ingest. External use only.

For more, see my blog post Thank You, Santa Muerte.

Check out the articles on the Free Magick Lessons page.


Sold as a curio only.

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