La Santisima Muerte (Red) Oil

La Santisima Muerte Oil (Red)


La Santisima Muerte Oil (Red) – An oil for working with La Santisima Muerte, The Holy Death.


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La Santisima Muerte Oil (Red) – An oil for working with La Santisima Muerte, The Holy Death.

La Flaquita, The Skinny Girl

Santa Muerte, The Holy Death, The Skinny Girl, this folk Saint is great in Central and South America. This Deity does not represent death… She IS Death.

However, in this existence, death intimately connects to everything living. So, She touches every part of our being and Death possesses the power to positively affect many areas of our lives.

The Red Death

This particular blend is for working with Her “Red” aspect, specifically matters of love, sex and romance. It’s got some slight crossover into the area of finances, as well. The arts fall here as well, to some degree.

While invoking Death is not everyone’s idea of romance, remember that people work with Her because of the results.

One does not invoke Her out of some goth, morbid fascination but rather, because She produces the goods.

Don’t get me wrong, She’s no gum-ball machine for spells; She’s told me no several times. Sometimes, there’s no response at all but when She does decide to intervene, the events are clear.

In fact, once She puts Her bone finger in your life soup, the intensity of energy may well frighten you. Working with Death is hardly everybody’s cup of tea. I took to covering Her altar at one point, because I just couldn’t get any work done until I did. Her vibe is intense and She does not have an off switch.

Tune In To the Red

Dress red candles with La Santisima Muerte Oil (Red) and say Her prayers. Write your petition in red ink and burn one, red candle with the oil, each day. Do this for seven days total and when She delivers, give Her an extra offering.

Do NOT fail to pay La Santa for something that She brought you! It’s like the Ghostbusters, crossing the streams… it’s BAD.

Pay the nice Lady, already.


Oh, Santa Muerte, beloved lady of silence who knows the darkness in my heart and accepts me for who I am. Oh, sweet protector of lost souls. Shield me from my enemies and season my life with sweetness. You who have power over all living things, do not forsake me as I place my faith in you.

Do not ingest. External use only.

Read my article How To Use Magickal Oils on the Free Magick Lessons page.


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