La Santisima Muerte Incense


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Here are some incense blends that can be used in any ritual dedicated to La Santisima Muerte.

Also known as Santa Muerte, The Holy Death, or La Flaquita (the Skinny Girl) is greatly recognized in Central and South America. Her following is growing rapidly here in North America, as well.

La Santisima Muerte is known to be a powerful Spirit who offers help in many areas of life. Caution is advised, since She is a demanding and exacting figure, offering much grace to those who show respect and none to those who fail to demonstrate it.

If you have never worked with Her before, you may want to set up a consultation with Magus, since he works with Her daily and can guide you through what to do.

In each tube contains 20 sticks of incense. The price listed is for one tube.

Sold as a curio only.

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