La Santisima Muerte Incense, White
The La Santisima Muerte line, White Aspect, oil, powder, incense
La Santisima Muerte Incense, White

La Santisima Muerte Incense (White)


La Santisima Muerte Incense, White – For working with the Saint known as The Holy Death

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La Santisima Muerte Incense (White)

Blessing sorcery with the Holy Death; call on Santa Muerte’s White Aspect for spiritual advancement and blessings, health and uncrossing. Petitioning La Flaquita, “The Skinny Girl” is an earthy form of brujería, sorcery. That word frightens many, because they believe that it means black magick. It can and often it does, yet there are benevolent forms of Latin American sorcery, as well. La Santisima Muerte means The Most Holy Death. She is perhaps most frequently referred to as Santa Muerte, which means simply Saint Death

Most Holy Death

The cult of La Santa is vast and some say Her following is growing faster than any other Spirit today. This folk Saint is especially huge in Central and South America. This Spirit is literally Death and not merely some representation of it. Therefore, tread lightly and utilize the utmost respect and deference of Her. Santa Muerte is usually split up into seven, widely accepted colors or aspects. These partitions of color represent Her different abilities and roles. However, there are several other colors in common use.

The Many Colors of Death

Virtually any type of work is accomplished with these, due to the wide array of colors.

White – blessings, wisdom, peace of mind and health, cleansing and uncrossing

Black – matters of protection (physical and magickal), shielding from harm and hiding something, keeping secrets, also vengeance and curses.

Gold – any issues of money, employment, material possessions, etc

Red – matters of the heart, love, romance and raw, sexual lust

Green – Justice, fairness, legal matters, court hearings, legal disputes, law enforcement, judges, good luck, money, favors, selling a home or a piece of property, any type of seemingly lost cause

Amber – to overcome addictions, rehabilitation from drug addiction/alcoholism

Yellow – small challenges, intelligence, success, wisdom

Blue – learning, study, wisdom, health

Brown – working with ancestors and the dead, in general

Although, if you are assisting the recently deceased with offerings, go with white. Most practitioners agree that you should give a person at least one year to adjust to their passing. It’s not good to ask favors from anyone who has recently gone to the other side.

In Hoodoo, brown is for legal, court matters, while green is for money), also for problems that are “mid-level”… beyond yellow, not quite green. These apply nicely in working with La Santisima Muerte, as well.

Purple – power, authority, healing, status

Orange – job success and satisfaction, securing work, control of one’s superiors.

Silver – gambling

Copper – gambling

Money patterns – sometimes the statues or candles are covered with images of currency bills  These are obviously for money, wealth

Rainbow – Also obvious… these cover all the areas, at least in so far as each color is present

Mi Nina Blanca

Her names are many, because She appears to people in visions, usually as a white skeleton in a dress. Those who catch sight of Her give Her such appellations as:

  • The White Lady (La Senora Blanca)
  • The White Girl (La Niña Blanca)
  • My White Sister (Mi Hermana Blanca)
  • Señora de las Sombras (Lady of the Shadows)
  • La Madrina (the Godmother)
  • La Flaquita or La Flaka (the Skinny Girl)

Using The Incense

Incense is an essential part of most sorcery. The Incense I make is NOT self-lighting. While not strictly against the use of self-lighting, I greatly prefer the way it burns and the scent it gives off when you use Three Kings Charcoal. It’s incredibly easy to use and it burns for a good, long while. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, read my article, How To Burn Incense On Charcoal, on the Free Magick Lessons page. You’ll find out just how easy and rewarding it really is. A good magician will always have a healthy understanding of using charcoal, even if they decide to go another way or experiment with other methods.

Effective Spell Work

For maximum benefit in your spells, think all four Elements and the fifth “Element” of Spirit. First, we have Fire, Water, Air and Earth. We represent these with candles, oils, incense and powders, respectively. The fifth Element of Spirit is the vocal emanation of your Will, through fervent prayer, mantra, chant, singing, etc.

So, you’ll want to use one of Her candles, too. You can obviously use regular candles, as well; just try to use the correct colors. Dress your candle with La Santisima Muerte Oil. As a clarification, the particular oil to use will depend on the color of your candle and your intention. Additionally, burn some La Santisima Muerte Incense and this will round out your work. Use this to suffumigate (ritually pass through the smoke), your written petitions for your spells.

Only The Finest

Conjure Work brand incenses… for all your sorcery, witchcraft spells. Any herbs, roots, resins I use in dressing candles are either organic or wild-harvest.

The La Santisima Muerte Incense (White) is a thirteen ingredient blend of delightful substances. It is suitable for your regular offerings to Her and for specific workings, with Her White Aspect. It has a stunning variety of wonderful ingredients, including Copal, Roses, Lavender, Myrrh and real Hojary Frankincense, an import from Oman! The other ingredients are part of my private recipe but that last one is truly something special!

Size: 60 mL glass bottle


It is best to prepare a place for Her somewhere outside the home, if possible. However, some people do not have this option. If you must keep Her in the house, I advise you to put Her in a place of honor but where She may have peace and quiet.

Note: it is NOT necessary to establish a permanent altar, unless you are doing ongoing work Her. In fact, it is better not to make Her a permanent place, until you are sure that you get along well together. It is perfectly appropriate to make a temporary space for Her to do one or more workings, then pack everything away, respectfully of course.

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