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Couples in established relationships want to occasionally solidify their union. This potion is for just that.


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Keep Me Love Potion – Couples want to occasionally solidify their union. This potion is for just that. To find a new love or stir up some passion, see Desire Me Love Drawing Potion.

The recipe is my blend of natural herbs, each one esteemed by herbalists and witches for their powers to preserve love, fidelity and peace. So, if you want to strengthen your bond with your spouse or lover, have a cup of this with your partner.

Size: 4 oz, tin container, with a clear top. Size is by volume, not by weight.

A tin usually holds 6-8 servings. It depends upon how strong you make each cup (how much you use). It also depends on the ingredients of the particular potion or tonic. That’s because some ingredients are bulkier than others. 

Don’t forget the drawstring tea bags.


How To Use Keep Me! Love Potion

Place a tablespoon of the mixture into a Drawstring Bag and pour boiling water over it in your favorite cup. Hold your power hand (the hand you write with) over the steeping brew and read or recite your favorite prayer of love. Examples are passages from the Song of Solomon in the Bible or the Orphic Hymn to Venus. Or just use a favorite poem that captures the spirit of your union with your beloved.

If you are worried about your partner leaving and you can’t get them to drink it with you (knowingly, of course), then you can drink it alone and focus on how you love your partner and what you are willing to do to keep the relationship healthy. Just make sure to focus on the happier times while doing so.

Contains sugar, both for taste and for its association with Venus and its reputation for “sweetening” partnerships. This blend has a sweet, minty taste to it.

* Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Sold as a curio only.

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