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Jupiter Oil


Jupiter Oil – the Planet of expansion, wealth, wisdom, faith, optimism, favors and growth.

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Jupiter Oil – the Planet of expansion, wealth, wisdom, faith, optimism, favors and growth.

Greater Benefic

Jupiter presides over good fortune and the magickal number that relates to Him  is four. Therefore,this oil has  four essential oils and each directly plugs into the current or egregore of Jupiter. 

Sometimes it is not good to grow a thing too quickly, as it must be able to support its own weight! Use good sense before attempting to grow and you do that by getting a reading on it, first. 

Names & Images of Jupiter

By names and Images are all Powers awakened and reawakened. This is a tenet of magickal philosophy and it means we empower spells through Names, words and visual keys.

In a Qabalistic context, we call on the Divine Name EL first and follow with Sachiel, the Archangel. Then we invoke Iophiel, the Intelligence and finally,  Hismael, the Spirit.

When working directly with the Roman Jupiter or the Greek Zeus, we call them by their own Names.

For any lesser Spirits of Jupiter, always invoke the Highest names first, to preside over them.

The color we associate with Jupiter is blue and this oil has a very light blue tint to it.


Some essential oils irritate people with sensitive skin, so use only a small amount, to test. Those folks shouldn’t anoint themselves with this but dressing candles and feeding Mojo Bags is fine.

External use only. Do not ingest.

Be sure to see my article How To Use Magickal Oils on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Sold as a curio only

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