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Jupiter Incense – an original, Conjure Work blend, for working planetary magick with Jupiter.

Four is the special number of Jupiter and this is a four-ingredient recipe. This incense contains real Aloeswood Powder and three other Jupiter herbs.

Set the mirth to rolling and create a jovial mood in your temple space. Burn this on Three Kings Charcoal and call to the expansive powers of fame and abundance. Ring in joy, honor and the pursuit of regal philosophy.

Who Wants… Better?

Jupiter rules over higher education, religious pursuits and He invites prestige. Jupiter Incense is therefore ideal for students, priests and those seeking favor from persons in authority.

Try dressing a blue candle with Jupiter Oil and roll it in this delicious-smelling stuff. Read the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter and state your petition


The Spirits of Jupiter are from several different systems and they hail from different places and time periods.

Jupiter is the Roman name and He shares a whole bunch of the characteristics of Zeus, a Greek God. So if you work with Zeus, you’re all set with using this incense. Are they the same Deity? I’m not opening up that can of syncretic worms… I’m only saying that they like a lot of the same stuff.

The Qabalah, ancient Hebrew magick, gives us the following list of Names:

El – the High, God Name of the Sephirah, Chesed

Sachiel – Archangel of Jupiter 

Iophiel – the Intelligence of Jupiter (a type of Angel)

Hismael – the Spirit of Jupiter

One can call on these Names and feel free to research your own.

Do not ingest. External use only.

Sold as a curio only

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