Jupiter Candles


Jupiter Candles – There are ONLY eight of these! Jupiter is the Lord of Expansion, wealth and merriment, also of philosophy, honors, higher education and religion.

These one of a kind Jupiter Candles were born on a particularly auspicious Jupiter election in October, 2019.

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Jupiter Candles

There are ONLY eight of these!

Recently, there was an EXCELLENT astrological election I took advantage of to consecrate these Jupiter Candles.

An election looks ahead to when a Planet is in good astrological condition and without troubling features. For those who want the details, they’ll be down below and you can check out all that and see for yourself.

Awesome results from this work are already in my own lap and my hope is that they will bring good things to you good people, as you use them in your work. I also bring you a few different designs of Jupiter Talismans and those are really exciting, too.

Why Jupiter Candles?

Jupiter is the Lord of Expansion, wealth and merriment but also Lord of philosophy, honors, higher education and religion.

You’re looking ahead and you want to break past the old limitations. You see the place you need to be and that clear mental image becomes crisper each day but no closer. As the jovial giant gives you a boost, you get shoved into the frame, right into the center of the picture.

There is a very limited number of these, because I only consecrated 8 of them. They are simple, 6″ ritual candles. What’s special… is that each one has been hanging out on the altar with Jupiter and Sachiel, the Archangel of Jupiter.

They got to sit with all that jupiterian goodness and each one got Jupiter’s blessing and consecration. Sitting with Sachiel and all that Jupiter ju ju will charge you up good, even if you are just a lump of wax and a wick! Now, you get to take that highly charged that wax and assign your need to it. Light it up and let it go.

These got to bask in it for the duration of the large candle burn. A big hats off to Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios for the big candle! Those things radiate as soon as you hold one and even without the cool labels, these 6″ jobs do, too. I took the opportunity to charge eight (only eight) Jupiter Candles and I imagine that they will go fast.

A super potent Jupiter… PLUS a  juiced up Doc Sol’s candle PLUS a lot of work done during the election. It all adds up to… everything sitting on the altar gets magnetized with some powerful gris gris (magick).

How To Use These

You might choose to call directly on old Jove himself, or ring up the hierarchy of Angels associated. EL is the Highest God Name associated with Jupiter and Sachiel is the Archangel. Iophiel is the Intelligence (another type of Angel) and Hismael is the Spirit. These Names are all on the Jupiter Talismans, in Hebrew, an excellent alphabet for ritual magick.

Want to get snazzy? Burn Jupiter Incense and suffumigate the talisman (smoke it), four times, because Four is Jupiter’s number. If you want, when you order a candle, I can dress it with Jupiter Oil (no extra charge) but you can get your own Jupiter Oil, too.

These Jupiter Candles provide and excellent way to consecrate a Jupiter altar or to petition Jupiter. Or just ask for what you need, say your prayers, light one up and let it do its thing.

Whatever your need, write it on blue paper and ask Jupiter and Sachiel to bless it. Put one of these candles in a Star Candle Holder and set it over the petition.

Light it in one of two ways. Use either a Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter (I can tell you when, if you need help) or the second method. The second way is when Jupiter is either right on the horizon or directly overhead (Again, I can help you with that, if needed).

I’d really like to see these talismans and candles put to good use and I want to hear the results!  They’re ideal for magicians and students and anyone who is aiming at higher things.

They’re great for stuff like raises and promotions, etc. But where these will really shine is the loftier goals. Elevation through study, excelling in philosophy, meditation or religious devotion… those are some awesome targets to aim these things at.

The ideal home for these items is with you magicians out there. But honestly, it’s like everything else, first come, first serve, so get ’em while they’re hot, folks. A lot of powerful, honest, sincere ritual work done got did over these little candles.

The Election Used

Jupiter rules two Signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, and He exalts in the Sign of Cancer. This year, Jupiter reigns in Sagittarius and I caught the waxing Moon sitting conjunct Jupiter. Looking over the upcoming chart I see  Jupiter sits on the Midheaven, on a Thursday and that’s the day of Jupiter.

I get the Jupiter Talismans printing and laid the candles out on the altar during the hour of Jupiter. The consecration ceremony takes place right at the exact conjunction of Luna and Jupiter.

Goodness… SO much goodness… goodness squared in fact, since the square is the sacred geometry associated with Jupiter. That’s why several of the Talismans are square and why the round one has a square inside it.

Why Now?

Elections like this don’t roll around very often. Jupiter spends about one year in each Sign and during the period that He’s in one of the three Signs mentioned, we might get a few decent elections. Then again… we might not.

Jupiter can easily go through most of one of His ruling Signs without a really sweet election. It’s a shame when that happens but luckily, this year, we got a nice one and I caught it. Waxing Moon, conjoined the big Planet of Jupiter, on Thursday, above the Horizon… visible to the naked eye! Awesome.

The obvious price point for these candles is $4 the number of Jupiter.

Electric Blue

I caught a handful of the goodness and I am am passing it to you. Use it wisely and when you get something good for yourself, pay it forward and help someone else. Sachiel and Jupiter are kind and benevolent Spirits and they don’t shine their glory on selfish or petty aims.

Turn up the BLUE and do your thing. Enjoy.


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