In Defense of Astrology

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In Defense of Astrology – Robert Parry – This is an entertaining and informative guide to the subject of astrology. USED BOOK – Good Condition

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In Defense of Astrology

by Robert Parry

USED BOOK – Good Condition

In Defense of Astrology is an entertaining and informative guide to the subject of astrology. It explains the workings of this most ancient and fascinating art and explains how many of the supposed criticisms often levelled against it are founded on mis-information and ignorance. The first few chapters deal with the make-up of the birth chart, the kinds of astrologer at large in the world today, and what you can expect if you choose to have a proper consultation done through a professional practitioner.


In Defense of Astrology then goes on to list and to discuss the 12 most commonly presented criticisms of astrology, with arguments and counter arguments presented in detail, including scientific discussion. Later, there are chapters dealing with astrology’s place in the modern world and some cautionary tales for astrologers themselves! Intelligence and rationality are no barriers for anybody wishing to explore this fascinating area of study, and here is a book designed to help us do just that. On a lighter note, cartoons are sprinkled throughout the book, making for a blend of serious scholarship and light-hearted fun. It’s a good read. Useful for the complete layman and also for the professional. I hope you will enjoy it.

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