Hotfoot Oil


Hotfoot Oil – send bad people packing!

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Hotfoot Oil – send bad people packing!

Hotfoot is a dubious magickal area, to be sure. What we call foot track magick goes all the way back to Voodoo. The various ATRs (African Traditional Religions) are full of spells for all manner of life’s situations and one of them is dealing with psychos.

Worst of the Worst

Hotfoot should be held back ONLY for these types, the antisocial, recidivist criminals and con artists. Do NOT, I repeat… DO NOT use this on someone just because you don’t like them.

I charge my Hotfoot Powder and Hotfoot Oil with the intention that it only works on the worst people. But it might still cause problems for people and the karma will come back to you if you use it unjustly.

If you’re unsure if your situation calls for this, see me for a session of Conjure Coaching. I’ll read on it for you and either way, we’ll develop a strategy to make your situation better.

It is believed that the soles of the feet are a powerful gateway for energy, much in the way that the Hindus see the third eye chakra .

Hotfoot Powder drives away one’s enemies. You sprinkle it where they are certain to walk or you dust them with it. Dusting is getting some of it directly on the person’s body or their clothing and this usually brings quicker results.

Hotfoot & Ethics

I deal in such areas as little as possible. However, there are indeed times when a person is just up to no good . Such people often mean to cause harm to you, your loved ones, your business, etc.

Obviously, you should ALWAYS try to use diplomacy, people skills, tact, grace and just plain old-fashioned kindness and forgiveness first. Yet, if that fails, then you should not have to be a victim. You make them get… gone.

Since items like Hotfoot and Confusion are potent, offensive weapons, I ask that you use them responsibly. In fact, I ask that you hesitate to use them at all. Of course, I have no control over who buys these or uses them.

Many would say that I should not even offer them. Yet, as a practitioner, I’ve seen too many cases where a very nice person was being abused by a person who was sociopathic, manipulative or just plain mean. In such cases, a little careful application of Hotfoot did the trick.


Never use any malefica items, such as Hotfoot or Confusion on yourself and never around innocent people or animals!

Keep away from children and pets. Use caution when handling this, don’t rub your eyes, etc.

See the article How To Use Magickal Oils, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

The secrets to working with these oils and manifesting your intentions lay inside these pages.

Do not ingest. For external use only.


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