Honey is used in Hoodoo sweetening spells, love conjure, powder & granule form. Honey is used for countless types offerings. Frequently used in love spells and any kind of conjure designed to sweeten relations, it’s an important ingredient in any root worker’s cabinet.

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Honey – a substance that deeply connects to the Sun.

It’s solar goodness makes it perfect for offerings to Helios or Solar Spirits of any kind. In fact, it’s ideal for most Spirits of any variety.

Available here in two forms, granule and powder.

Honey is great for countless types offerings. Frequently, love spells call for Honey and especially in Hoodoo, it’s a sweetener. That means that any kind of conjure that aims to sweeten relations between people will benefit from adding Honey. It’s a highly important ingredient in any root worker’s cabinet.

A few pinches of this will sweeten up any incense blend you’re making and these pellets add easily to your dry, tea blends, as well.

A Little Drop of Honey

What I like best about these dry, Honey pellets is that they go into a Mojo Bag, without making it all sticky and gross! That is, unless you get it wet but if it gets wet, it’s over, anyway. Never let your Mojo get wet!

Use these pellets in Medicine Bottle Spells, too!

This honey is food grade and fit for human consumption. I use it and eat it, all the time!

Legally, I can’t attest to the magickal application of this substance but I can say that I believe it works. And I do believe it works but only when a sensible magician is usually it.

Legally, I CAN say that I think it’s delicious and it is safe to eat. And I do say those things, too.


Sold as a curio only

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