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Helios Oil – the Sun Titan, for your solar sorcery, to conjure wealth, status, clear divination, musical ability and poetry

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Helios Oil – An ethereal blend of pure essential oils, each being solar in nature, all brought before Helios, the Titan of the Sun. He is the keeper of light and the bringer of glory, wealth and honors.

The Sun Titan

Helios draws the Sun chariot across the sky each day and sinks into the Underworld, each evening. The herb we call St John’s Wort has the Latin name Hypericum and it comes from Helios. This makes it an excellent offering for the Sun King and it’s an ingredient in my Helios formula.

Another Titan who figures in with Helios in mythology is Hekate. She persuades Demeter to petition Helios’s assistance in finding Persephone, who is in the Underworld with Hades. Helios is easily able to spot her, because He sees everything that happens on the Earth.

For this reason, Helios is a key figure in divination. It’s an excellent practice to have an oracle that you keep on your Helios altar. Even if you don’t keep a dedicated altar for Him, you do well to invoke Him periodically and ask that your readings are clear.

Another fine tool for reading is my Oracle Potion and you might ask Him to bless that, too!

This Helios Oil meets all your solar sorcery needs and it’s suitable for both daily and special occasions. Use it to conjure wealth, status, clear divination, musical ability and poetry.

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