Hekate Incense; Queen of all Witches; Titan, Conjure Work, supplies for spells,
Hekate Incense; Queen of all Witches; Titan, Conjure Work, supplies for spells,
Hekate Oil; Queen of all Witches; Titan, Conjure Work, sorcery supplies and services
Hekate altar, Conjure Work

Hekate Incense


Hekate Incense – for working with the Queen of the Witches, the Goddess of liminal spaces, crossroads and sorcery. The ancient Greeks invoked Her for guidance through dark, unknown territory and when all else fails

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Hekate Incense – 

A most special blend of smoke, to honor Hekate, the Queen of crossroads and sorcery. This a thirteen ingredient recipe, organic herbs, roots and resins, turning corners along narrow roads.

It takes shape in the same fashion as my Hekate Incense, by listening directly to Her, what She wants in Her perfume.

It’s Witchcraft

The first batch is from a Scorpio Full, Super Moon and preceding batches similarly fall on some, very special lunation.

I arrange the Temple with the trappings of the Witch Queen and perform a ceremony that focuses on Her. The consecration yields a remarkably unique batch of magickal juice, indeed.

This is formula is one that is even-keel, balancing perfectly, Her virtues… for lack of a better word.  Virtually any type of work will suit, for this witch Goddess, who is equally comfortable blessing and cursing.

Mother of Sorceries

Hekate rules the crossroads and all liminal spaces, the boundaries between worlds and She is a gatekeeper Spirit.

She works with who She will, as no one, not even Zeus, King of the Gods would dare upset Her. Her symbols are the Dark Moon, snakes, owls, black dogs and crows. She is the torch-bearrer and She guides men through troubling times.

This oil is suitable for special occasions and it sits well with everyday offerings. May it bless you and enrich you as you work with the Witch Queen.

So Mote It Be.


Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that’s slow
They choose a path where no one goes

Led Zeppelin, No Quarter


Size: 60 mL glass bottle

Do not ingest. External use only.

To be clear, this is an incense mixture that you burn on charcoal, such as Three Kings Charcoal.

Check out the article, How To Burn Incense On Charcoal, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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The Familiar


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