back side standard with Orphic "Hymn to Hecate" or custom text option
optional candle dressing service, dressed with Hekate Oil and Hekate Incense
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Hekate seven day glass novena candle
Hekate (Hekate) “seven day” glass, novena candle

Hekate Candle


Hekate Candle – Specifically to honor Hekate, working lights for the Queen of the crossroads and sorcery.

Undressed; or dressed with Hekate Oil & Incense; or custom fixed with herbs and oil for your purpose.

If you want any custom wording on your candle, paste the text here. (+$3.00)


Hekate Candle – Specifically to honor Hekate, working lights for the Queen of the crossroads and sorcery.

It’s Witchcraft

Virtually any type of work is accomplished with these, due to the wide array of colors. Those who call upon the Witch Queen know this Goddess is equally comfortable blessing and cursing.

Mother of Sorceries

Hekate rules the crossroads and all liminal spaces, boundaries between worlds. She is a gatekeeper Spirit, meaning She opens the way for other entities and closes the way at will. She works with who She will, as no one tells Her what to do. Not even Zeus, King of the Gods would dare upset Her. Her symbols are the Dark Moon, snakes, owls, black dogs and crows. She is the torch-bearrer and She guides men through troubling times.

These candles are great for special occasion offerings and for everyday offerings. They employ well as the Fire portion of your spells and witchy gettings-up-to. May they bless you and enrich you as you work with the Witch Queen. So Mote It Be.

Witch Glass Prism

As a practicing sorcerer, you’ll have a wide variety of spells to cast. Naturally, this means that you’re going to need a wide variety of colors. Choose your color in the drop down menu.

Additionally, if you have a particular prayer, hymn, spell, etc, that you want on it, put this in the additional information section.

Important Note:

Any additional text MUST be brief enough to fit on the label! If it’s too long, I will leave it off and you will just print or write that out yourself. Put it under your candle or tape it to the side.

For those who want a fixed candle, I do that too!
I‘ll dress the candle with Hekate Oil and fix it with some Hekate Incense.

Or, tell me the spell purpose and I will put in some very specific ingredients, to push it in that direction.

As an explanation, there’s an article, How To Use 7 Day Candles, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Only The Finest

Conjure Work brand candles… for all your sorcery, witchcraft spells.

Any herbs, roots, resins I use in dressing candles are either organic or wild-harvest.

Use a Hekate Candle as part of your regular offerings, on Her altar. Use one as the Elemental Fire portion of any spell you work with Hekate.

Cyprian is an eminent instructor of ceremonial magick, Juju, gris gris and the summoning of Spirits. Let him guide you through the arts of prophesying, soothsaying, sortilege and cartomancy.

Conjurations, glamours, incantations, witchery, wizardry, augury and hexing are all his forte.

Size: the actual height and width of glass, novena candles varies some. I get them from different manufacturers and therefore, size and burn time is different, between manufacturers.

After Use

Either recycle the glass or use candle refills in it. Keep it as a flower vase (get all the wax out first, with very hot water, almost but not quite boiling). You can put offerings in it or dirt from your property or graveyard dirt of your ancestors, the possibilities abound.

Check out the article, How Use 7 Day Candles, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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The Familiar

Sold as a curio only

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions N/A

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