Hecate the Witches’ Goddess by Gary R Varner

Hecate the Witches’ Goddess


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Hecate the Witches’ Goddess

by Gary R. Varner


For the most part Hecate is seen today as the Goddess of Witches and Sorcery-but this wasn’t always so. Hecate was at one time both protectress of women and children and Goddess of Death. She was, in her trinity aspect, goddess of fertility and prosperity, Goddess of the Moon, and Queen of Ghosts, shades and the night. It is interesting that she was seen both as the goddess of fertility and life as well as death. “Hekate can poison as well as intoxicate,” wrote Nor Hall, “turn ecstasy into madness, and cause death where incubation-or a short journey-was intended.” This book will examine her many facets and bring about a truer sense of the primal goddess known as “The Distant One” and “The Nameless One.” One of her titles places these in a softer light, for she was also called “most lovely one.”

About the Author

Gary R. Varner is a lecturer and writer on folklore and early religions. He is the author of a series of popular books comparing legends and beliefs around the world published by Algora Publishers as well as other publishing companies. His approach incorporates details from ancient cultures and from Native American, UK and European, Asian, South Pacific and African folklore.

Varner has traveled extensively to research his projects, most notably to England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and the American West,Southwest and most recently to the Southeastern parts of the United States.He is a member of various sections of the American Folklore Society. Varner’s focus centers around ancient traditions and how those traditions, along with their folklore and mythology, continue to play an important part in contemporary society. He is listed in successive editions of Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World reference works. He has recently appeared on various television shows discussing architectural symbolism and will be featured in up coming History Channel broadcasts. He also has research papers featured on

Varner lives in northern California. His website is popular with those interested in pre-Christian religions, traditional beliefs, myths, legends and superstitions.

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