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Happyness Potion

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Happiness Potion – a homeopathic, herbal formula for the happies. Induce your noggin’ to perk up and quit sloggin’! An all natural, all organic way to kick those blues.

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Happyness Potion

Happiness Potion – a homeopathic, herbal formula for the happies. Induce your noggin’ to perk up and quit sloggin’! An all natural, all organic way to kick those blues.

Who Cannot Use Happyness Potion?

First and foremost, if you have any type of allergy, check the ingredient list and make sure there’s nothing in here that might aggravate your system. Aside from that, you should consult your physician if you are 1) pregnant or nursing. Some of the ingredients may not be good for you or your little one. 2) if you’re already taking any kind of anti-depressant medication, you definitely need to check and make sure there are no canceling out effects or adverse reactions. It’s almost certainly fine, unless you’re taking an MMO (mono-something or other inhibitor… scary stuff, interacts with just about everything, as far as I know). But just for safety, ask your doc if your meds might interact with this.

Who CAN Use Happyness Potion?

Basically, anybody else. Again, ask your doctor if your unsure but this is a concoction of all-natural, organic stuff that has a long history of lifting the mood.

How does it work?

I don’t know… what I look like, a doctor or a scientist?! But seriously, brain chemistry is a layer upon layer upon layer thing and it’s complex, to say the least. Mind, body and spirit are all one system. What you eat affects your mood. The exercise you get or don’t get affects your mood. Your thinking habits and the people you associate with and how you’re living affect your emotions. If you have poor social skills or you’re not following through on your goals or you let anger eat you up, you’re probably not happy. If you are a doormat for others or you never speak up, you’re probably unhappy. That being said, the brain is the brain, regardless of who you are and what you do.

That thing in your skull works on a number of types of fuel… it needs water, oxygen, nutrients and various types of stimulation, to function well. When your noodle is happy, it rewards you with certain chemical goodies, like nor-epinephrine, oxytocin, endorphins, seratonin, dopamine, endocannabinoids and glutamate. Certain natural, plant substances are known for assisting the brain to produce more of these excellent bits of awesomeness. Furthermore, it’s not always about making enough of them… it’s about keeping them inside your gray matter. Stress causes the brain to kick these chemicals out of your brain. Stupid, dumb brain.

But good thinking habits, healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping quality people in your circle are immensely helpful. Likewise, using Nature’s own drugstore is beneficial too. The stuff in this brew should help. Something to be aware of… the effects might kick in immediately in a small way but for the most part, no. The brain needs to get used to their presence and drinking a cup or three per week should show mild improvement after a few weeks. If you drink it more regularly, it will work faster and better but of course, I cannot guarantee that. As I said before, there are many factors to health, happiness and brain functioning. This is just one tool in the tool box. But with enough tools, you can probably handle the job of being happy 😉

If you are seriously depressed, please seek treatment from a doctor and a therapist of some sort. Read my post, The Thing About Depression, to learn what an absolute nightmare depression is, for way too many people.

Size: 4 oz, tin container, with a clear top. Size is by volume, not by weight. A tin usually holds 6-8 servings. It depends upon how strong you make each cup (how much you use). It also depends on the ingredients of the particular potion or tonic. That’s because some ingredients are bulkier than others.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Eleuthero; “Siberian Ginseng”, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Leaf, Licorice Root, Ginger, Nutmeg.


Using Allergy Tonic

Use 1 tbsp in a cloth tea bag. Add boiling water and step for 10 minutes.

This is something that you want to have on hand, for when you feel the worst allergy symptoms coming on. You might also have some if you know that you’re going to be around something that aggravates your allergies.

Not for those who are pregnant or nursing. Check with your doctor before using herbal treatments. Not a substitute for medical treatment from a licensed medical professional. This is a home remedy, designed to assist with your overall with, only with your doctor’s consent.

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  1. questmaster (verified owner)

    Made 4 cups for myself and some friends. Lots of laughter, a mild elated buzz, and mild euphoria that seems very similar to a blue lotus tea. Great treat after a long week!

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