Happy Tummy Tonic


All natural herbal concoction to soothe a troubled stomach.

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Happy Tummy Tonic

An all natural herbal concoction to soothe a troubled stomach.

Ingredients: Catnip, ChamomileFennel, Angelica, Lemon BalmLicorice Root, MulleinMarshmallow Root, Slippery Elm

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested, so you’re getting only what Mother Nature offers up to quiet that rumbly belly of yours. Each of these herbs and roots were chosen for the properties (both medicinal and magickal) they are reputed to possess, for easing the gastro intestinal system.

Size: 4 oz, tin container, with a clear top. Size is by volume, not by weight.

A tin usually holds 6-8 servings. It depends upon how strong you make each cup (how much you use). It also depends on the ingredients of the particular potion or tonic. That’s because some ingredients are bulkier than others.


How To Use Happy Tummy Tonic

Place one tablespoon of the mixture into Drawstring Tea Bag. Add boiling water and let steep for about 10 minutes. Feel free to sweeten this with sugar or honey or whatever type of sweetener you prefer and can safely enjoy. Drink the entire cup while it’s still as hot as you can take it.

Not for those who are pregnant or nursing. Check with your doctor before using herbal treatments. Not a substitute for medical treatment from a licensed medical professional. This is a home remedy, designed to assist with your overall with, only with your doctor’s consent.

Please consult your doctor before using herbal products. Always get regular checkups, to make sure you are healthy. But we all get occasional upset stomach, due to stress, poor quality food, a diet of overly acidic foods, etc. For those occasional imbalances, this tonic should straighten you out. If it persists for several days, see your doctor immediately.

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