Graveyard Dirt


Respectfully collected and paid for. This real Graveyard Dirt is red clay, from a cemetery in the southern USA.


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Graveyard Dirt, respectfully collected and paid for with offerings. This is real Graveyard Dirt and more accurately, it’s red clay, from a southern cemetery in North Carolina.

I can’t say who’s grave it’s from, because I’m offering it for sale. But the Spirit was paid with dimes (stuck into the ground at the grave) and whiskey (poured onto the grave) and this is traditional Hoodoo practice. It’s important to ask the permission of the Spirit and to get their blessing, so they will be helpful.

It’s also important to note that you never disrespect the gravesite or the Spirit, in any way. It’s taboo in Rootwork to desecrate a grave and no self-respecting worker ever would do such a thing.

The grave site looks the same after removing the dirt as it did, before. Any desecration of a grave is completely unacceptable and has the opposite effect of the work intended.

A respectful collection of dirt is a pact with the Spirit and this “barter” is welcome to many of them. A good worker knows how to select a proper grave and how to ask the Spirit’s permission.

This batch of graveyard dirt is useful for general purposes in spells you need graveyard dirt for.

The only reason that I’m selling it so cheaply is because I can’t say the name of the person. In Hoodoo practice, it’s often necessary to have dirt from a specific type of person and nothing else will do for those.

Examples are one of your personal ancestors and a police officer. Other examples are a soldier, criminal, murderer, etc.

You either want dirt from the grave of a person known for good works or a person known for bad things. It depends on your goal and it takes practice and study, to learn these things.

I will say that this dirt would probably be better for positive workings and for protective spells. It‘s not the best choice for curse work.

Use this particular dirt when you need a human Spirit who will defend the rights of others.

When you return home from a graveyard, use some Uncrossing Oil and bathe in Uncrossing Bath Mix.

Sold as a curio only

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