Gold, Chime Candles


Gold chime candles – 4″ x  ½”  Stunning, glimmering, gold “chime” candles. These are not merely coated with gold. Instead, gold flake permeates the wax of the entire candle, so the color does not run!

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Gold Chime Candles

Stunning, glimmering, gold “chime” candles, not coated with gold but gold flake permeates the wax of the entire candle, so the color does not run! The process of making these (and the silver, chime candles) is considerably more expensive, which is why these cost about four times what the other colors cost.

These are excellent for working with the solar powers, such as Ra, Helios, Michael, Raphael, Nakhiel and Sorath. Whether you are making an offering or using these as a focus for your spells, these work well.

Hekate is quite fond of the color gold and She appreciates your offerings of these chimes, too.
Gold symbolizes royalty and it’s also the color of perfection in alchemy.It’s the perfect metal and the color of Tiphareth, that place of balance on the Tree of Life.

Gold is the realization of perfection in the kingdom of Earth and the ultimate symbol of transformation. The gold of a king’s court shows wealth and it demonstrates the presence of his power.

Size: 4″ tall, ½” diameter

Conjure Oils

You will enjoy your conjure experiments, adding in oils with your candles and noting the difference in your results.

Try some King Solomon Wisdom Oil on one of these gold chime candles and ask him to teach you the wisdom of kings.

Obviously, a go to oil is Sol Oil and Helios Oil is perfect for these little, solar candles. When you work with Helios, burn some Helios Incense for Him, while you’re at it.

Check out How To Use Magickal Oils, on the Free Magick Lessons page!

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