Geomancy Reading

Geomancy is divining (reading) with Elemental Earth. One of the oldest known methods for gathering information about the past, present or future. We perform a geomantic divination using dirt, dice, pencil and paper and a variety of other methods.


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Geomancy reading is one of the oldest methods of divination and now you get to utilize it, too.


  • Divination is the art and science of gaining insight through oracles and it’s a way to formulate your plans. Learn about past, present or future and discover hidden influences in situations and in the intentions of people. 


Geomantic Glyphs
Geomantic Glyphs


Utilizing Elemental Earth, Geomancy is a system of divination using 16 ancient figures we call Tetragrams.

We generate the figures and then, interpret them, providing you valuable information. Geomancy often uses a stick to poke holes in the ground, as a sort of automatic writing. Of a variety of more modern methods, such as squilling with a pencil or pen or flipping coins, I prefer using special dice.

I first interpret them and then provide the Querent (the person asking the question… you) with useful information. The ancient method of Geomancy is poking holes in the ground and a special stick or wand is the implement.

The automatic writing creates a number and it’s either odd or even. Done four times, this generates one of the figures you see in the chart. An odd number receives a single dot and to an even number we allot two dots.


For example, an initial odd number creates the head of the figure and next, comes an even, for the neck. We get another odd and yet another odd and so, we now have the body and the feet.

This yields us the glyph we call Puella, which means “girl”. We create three more figures and place them on a chart, which gives us a story and provides more definition to the story.

Geomancy reading has a variety of more modern methods, the limits are only the practitioner‘s imagination.

Geomancy figures are either male or female and we classify each as either mobile or still. They correspond to Planets and Zodiacal Signs and many additional ideas will arise, through the names.

Each possesses an Elemental nature and their basic meaning is augmented by the planetary symbolism.

A neat technique is placing the figures on an astrological chart and allowing more information to become clear.

Then, conclusions can be drawn that are similar to those drawn from an  astrology reading.

It’s much like in horary astrology, where a chart is cast at a particular time to answer a specific, individual question.

The 90 minute reading is for this type of interpretation.

Geomantic Glyph Names

The geomancy figures are sixteen in number and they relate to a Planet and a Sign of the zodiac.

Their names:

Via, Caput Draconis, Cauda Draconis, Fortuna Major, Fortuna Minor, Puella, Puer, Acquisitio, Albus, Tristitia, Laetitia, Carcer, Conjunctio, Amissio and Populus


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