Geomancy Reading

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Geomancy is divining (reading) with Elemental Earth. One of the oldest known methods for gathering information about the past, present or future, one can perform a geomantic divination using dirt, dice, pencil and paper or a variety of other methods.


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Geomancy reading is one of the oldest known methods of divination. Now you can have a geomantic divination for yourself.


  • Divination is the art and science of gaining insight through oracles, to gather information about the past, present or future. You can discover the hidden influences in situations and in the intentions of people  


Geomantic Glyphs
Geomantic Glyphs


One of the oldest known methods for gathering information. Now you can have a geomantic divination for yourself.

Based primarily in Elemental Earth, Geomancy is a system of divination that uses 16 ancient figures, called Tetragrams. We generate the figures in various ways, such as squilling with a pencil or pen, flipping coins. I personally like to use special dice, created just for this art.

Then I interpret them, to provide the Querent (that’s the person asking the question… you) with useful information. Geomancy was first done using a stick to poke holes in the ground, as a sort of automatic writing. Geomancy can be done with a variety of more modern methods, limited only by the imagination of the practitioner.

The figures of geomancy are all either masculine or feminine, mobile or still. They are associated with a planet and a zodiac sign, so a great many additional meanings can be drawn from them, in addition to their basic interpretations.

One of the neat things about geomancy is that you can place the figures generated in the reading on to an astrological chart.


Then, conclusions can be drawn that are similar to those drawn from an  astrology reading.

It’s much like in horary astrology, where a chart is cast at a particular time to answer a specific, individual question.

The 90 minute reading is for this type of interpretation.


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