Flagship – an album of original, Purple Mind Licorice Music, by Trent Boswell (aka, Magus)

An alchemical blend of Rock, Psychedelia, Blues, Jazz and folk, reminiscent of artists like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jethro Tull and Jane’s Addiction. The sound, as it tastes, which one acquires or else, does not…



Flagship – an album of original, Purple Mind Licorice Music, by Trent Boswell (aka, Magus)


Weird Zone Ahead!

An alchemical blend of Rock, Psychedelia, Blues, Jazz and folk, reminiscent of artists like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jethro Tull and Jane’s Addiction.


Purple Mind Licorice Music

Maybe there’s a little too much of Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters in the mix… or maybe the electric Kool-Aid is just right, the taste, perfectly suiting your ear buds.

The sound, as it tastes,

which one acquires or else,

does not…

Music is like food… everybody’s got different tastes. Only you decide what you put in your mouth and only you know if these sounds are tasty enough to stick in your ear.

Magus is highly experimental, in his magick, in his poetry, his lifestyle and yes, his music, too.

In case you’re wondering, the album sounds a bit like Frank Zappa beating up Leonard Cohen while Robert Plant watches and is entirely too drunk to do anything to stop them. Aretha Franklin just thinks it’s all funny and pulls up a chair to watch.

Roll the Bones

Luckily, you don’t have to roll the dice and gamble on whether or not you’ll “Dig that crazy Flagship sound scene, man. Far out”.

There’s an audio player with samples of the songs on the website… links coming up in a sec. You savor the sweet, sonic wine, convincing you that you just gotta have that!

Check out the Audio Playlist, HERE.

It’s the window at the top, with the play button thingie. In addition, there are tracks linked on that page thay can download for free!

Just right click on the link and hit “Save As”. Wherever you save your files on your computer or phone, that’s where the.mp3 files will be.

Do that for each track that you like and you’re extra awesome if you share the link to the site.

Slap it on your Facebook profile and other social media pages and tell your people that it’s your new favorite thing in the whole, wide world. You’re a good liar, they’ll believe you.

And here’s all the tracks from Flagship, on YouTube:

YouTube videos:


Pleasant Stroll


Baby, Lover, Honey, Darlin’

Looking For A Way

But Who’d Say?!

Fear & Lies

And furthermore, here’s another, final link for the Magus YouTube Channel, where random performances in extraordinarily low-tech occur, rather infrequently. Serve with a 12 ounce glass of absinthe and a sprig of Parsley.

Pay It Forward

It’s all there and as a result, you get to listen, before you buy. Of course, you might just save the playlist and I’d never have a clue.

But we both you’re much cooler than that. You’re the type of excellent individual that makes sure artists get some love, so they are able to keep creating.

This album is nine songs, only one of which is a solo, guitar and vocal track. The rest are full band arrangements, done in a mind blowing professional studio.


Get on board the Magus Music Express, with the Email List Sign Up.

Tell you what, I don’t even mind you just saving the playlist, if you just share the links with a bunch of other people. Deal? 

But we both know… you still want your own, autographed copy. 

Mojo = Music, Meter and Magick

To be clear, this is no garage band… top notch backing musicians, a couple of guys who Magus dubs “The Consummate Professionals”!

The song writing is excellent and the performances are fantastic but the overall sound is phenomenal! It’s an entirely different type of magick, sonic spells that entrance and weave their way into your spirit.

If you like Drake and Kendrick Lamar… then you’re gonna fuckin’ HATE this!

But if you jam out to Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, The Doors, your hunger is soon appeased.

As a result of your adoration of the psychedelic spirit of His Holiness, the High Priest of sonic Voodoo, Jimi Hendrix, you’re in luck, here.

Because you love the delectable art rock soufflé of Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden and AudioSlave, you’ll definitely want to saddle up to the buffet of Magus & The Plastic Infinity.

When solo, it’s just Magus. However, in joining with his band, it becomes the mad, musical moniker of Magus & The Plastic Infinity.

Armed with more arms, to beat more drumheads and pluck more bass strings, naturally, the sound becomes more Pimp-tastic.


Flagship Magick & Melody

Blues, rock and funk bands… since the age of 18. Jazz guitar studies at UNC Wilmington… and the two come together in Magus, the musician. The bio for Magus, the magician is at; Meet Magus.


Magus (a.k.a. Trent Boswell) is a sentient, extra-planar being of indeterminate origin. Shapeshifting and bizarre, it is best not to look directly at it, or to attempt a mind meld.

The most advisable course of action, if confronted with this entity is to stand idly by and listen to the strange and soothing sounds it makes.

The protocol is to applaud at the conclusion of these exhibitions and to purchase small plastic discs from it, which it refers to as CDs. It becomes hostile when offerings of standard issue currency are not promptly placed in the box marked TIPS.


The poetry is harboring over at Kevin Trent Boswell and antiverse. Beginning its journey in high school, the snake of word-smithing winds its way up the high-definition Tree of Audio Life into his brain.

It continuously creeps into the everyday existence, on all levels. A thousand strange structures, known as poems later, the Serpent of Verse and Song still possesses the heart and mind of the man.


The unifying themes here are those sacred arts of Orpheus: music, poetry; walking the liminal boundaries between the worlds.

Whether you feel the groove of the thing or you step out for something else, say a quick thank you that there’s still something in the jukebox queue that is different.

Flagship, free of overpaid producers, formulaic “musical” trends and decidedly out of the box. No board of record company executives pawed over this production, insisting that it sound almost exactly like the last seventeen top 40 hits.

Flagship, a last act of defiance, railing against the death of genuine experimentation in the musical maelstrom. Get your own piece of Plastic bliss, before the music police come and cart it out to the bonfire.

Of course, the Flagship album is also available at Amazon. But intrepid listeners get their soul food in the Conjure Work kitchen. That’s because they know that it puts more food on the bard’s plate.

Plus, you could get your Plastic, licorice disc signed, if you so desire.



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