Five Finger Grass


Five Finger Grass

More commonly known as Cinquefoil herb

Potentilla reptans

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Five Finger Grass

Cinquefoil Herb

Potentilla reptans

Other Names: Crampweed, Blossom, Five Fingers, Goosegrass, Goose Tansy Moor Grass, Pentaphyllon, Silver Cinquefoil, Silverweed, Sunkfield, Synkefoyle

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Powers: Money, Protection, Success, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep

Magical Uses: Cinquefoil herb has five-point leaves, that represent the five fingers of the human hand. In Hoodoo practice, Five Finger Grass has a reputation for assisting a conjurer to achieve success “in anything they set their hand to.”

As a magical amplifier, Cinquefoil is useful in any works for drawing love, money, health, power or wisdom.

Hang a sachet of this herb at your front door, or over the bed, for protection. Brew the leaves like tea (do not ingest) and sprinkle the liquid around the home or place of business to attract luck. Add the herd to a ritual bath, making sure to wash the forehead and hands.

While many suggest that Five Finger Grass removes hexes and curses, I suggest using Uncrossing Bath Mix for that purpose. Then, use Five Finger Grass after you conclude all uncrossing work.

Legends tell of Cinquefoil sprigs with seven leaflets, placed under the pillow, foretelling a mate or lover in the future during dreaming. They say a cloth bag (sachet) of Cinquefoil, hung from or over the bed, will give restful sleep.

Five Finger Grass is associated with Jupiter and Mercury, granting the user eloquence, especially when asking for favors from those of higher stations. To ensure a favorable ruling in court, carry some Cinquefoil in addition to your other court case spells.

You can also add Cinquefoil to purificatory bath sachets.

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