Fire Powder


Rule over the realm of Elemental Fire, that of energy, competition and quick actions, with Fire Powder.

See the article, How To Use Magick Powders, in my Free Magick Lessons.

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Fire Powder

Rule over the realm of Elemental Fire, that of energy, competition and quick actions, with Fire Powder. Its domain, that of the sex drive and the quest for higher states, Fire is elusive and mysterious. It fuels the pursuit of both luxurious joy and mad power.

Size: 60 mL glass bottle


How To Use Fire Powder

There are tons of cool ways to work with Elemental Fire and Fire Powder offers plenteous methods. A healthy pinch of this stuff in your Mojo Bag will give it the boost it needs.

Need to work with those temperamental Spirits of Fire, known as the Salamanders? Perhaps you need to invoke a Fire Spirit from one of the grimoires, one which is attributed to Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Mars, the Sun or just Fire, in general? Sprinkle a fine line of this along the edge of your circle and they’ll come just a bit closer.

You definitely want to check out the article, How To Use Magick Powders, in my Free Magick Lessons.

This is Elemental Earth of Fire, the dusty firmament of ethereal Atziluth, the Fire plane. Each Element has a sub-Element and powder is the Earth of the Fire. Think of this as a sort of precursor to the ashes that are left over, after Fire has done it’s thing. Once you get that concept lit up in your brain, you’re halfway to realizing how you make it work for you.

Spirit is something we typically see in the mind’s eye as a flame and this idea elevates our consciousness to higher things. All the activities presided over by that Divine power of Fire, direct and take shape, through harnessing the sub-Elements of each Element.

Fire is energy and that means the energies that we use to do… just about anything. When we roll out of bed in the morning, we need energy and when we establish empires, we require internal Fire.

 The Dominion of Flame

Elemental Fire rules through flame, over the sex drive, competition, quick actions, the quest for higher states of both luxurious joy and mad power.

Stoke the ashes of a seemingly dead fire and they flare back up. Roll a candle, dressed with oil in Fire Powder and re-ignite the sparks that hide there.

The Element Series of Conjure Work brand conjure products. A plume of smoke rises up from your censer and wafts toward the heavens, carrying your petitions with it. Stoke the pillar of Elemental Fire and burn away the dross with Elemental Fire Incense.

Materia magicka

Our ingredients for the Fire Powder hail from Atziluth, the Qabalistic world of archetypes. This magickal dust of herbs, roots and resins acts as the dynamite for your ritual endeavors. Every initiated magician spends a fair amount of time working with each, individual magickal Element. In this way, we thoroughly assimilate their strengths. We digest their powers and we push past the hard lessons they have to teach us. 

Strike the match of your mind and accomplish those deeds which are done only through the trials of Fire. Raze bad habits, incinerate boredom or procrastination, crank up the heat on your goals or cremate the competiton.

Four fiery ingredients, such as………..      – – – 

as………..      –

as………..      –

this formula and each we find stacked among the cord wood of the cosmic fireplace. So, go ahead and spark the tinder. Light the fuse on that magickal dynamite and see what happens. 

To complement Fire Incense, see also the Fire Incense and Fire Oil. These are a good way to round out any working with Mars, as well.


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