Fiery Wall of Protection Powder


Fiery Wall Of Protection is a staple formula in the Hoodoo tradition. It is said to protect one against curses and malefica, as well as to provide some defense against hostile Spirits and tricks laid by enemies.

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Fiery Wall Of Protection powder – a staple formula in the Hoodoo tradition. It protects one against curses and malefica and provides some defense against hostile Spirits. Prevent the tricks of enemies from ever taking hold on you and stop jinxes before they stop you..

Sprinkle this powder in your shows or around your home when you feel you need spiritual protection. Use in conjunction with a prayer, such as a Psalm. Some standard protection Psalms are 20, 30, 54, 94 and 101.

Numbers and Names

Fiery Wall of Protection Powder has five ingredients and that’s because five is the number of Mars and Geburah. Geburah is the fifth Sephirah on the Tree of Life and it’s the sphere of Severity, harsh justice.

Try invoking the Name ELOHIM GIBOR (el-oh-heem gee-boor) by breathing this Name softly into some of the powder. Have it in the palm of your hand and breathe softly but use much intense focus. After charging it in this manner, distribute it as you will.

Popular methods are placing it in your shoes and sprinkling it around the house. Put some in a red or black Mojo Bag and carry it with you each day, especially when around bad people.

Be sure to read the article How To Use Magick Powders , on the Free Magick Lessons page.
The secrets to working with these powders and manifesting your intentions lay inside these pages.

Do not ingest. For external use only.

Some powders may contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin. Test a small portion, first.


Sold as a curio only.

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