Female Figural Spell Candle


Green, Female Figural Spell Candle

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Female Figural Spell Candle

Spell candles shaped like a woman, for all your spell needs. These candles can represent a particular person or as the general idea of woman. Dress up your altar space and bring a powerful visual presence to your spell work.

A woman, doing a healing spell on herself might use a white candle for a body free of illness. To help a friend attract a new partner, use a pink female figural candle, dressed with a love drawing oil. Additionally, you can use a red candle, dressed with a lust oil, if you’re interested in something more short term and a black candle, to send a particular female away, if she’s just not taking no for an answer. .

These are a perfect addition to your rituals and many colors are available for your various magickal purposes.

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