Female Figural Candle


Female Figural Spell Candles, archetypal images of the feminine, to represent woman in general or a woman in specific

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Female Figural Candle

Female figural candles are shaped like a woman and meet all your spell work needs. They represent a particular person or as the general idea of woman. Use on your altar space as the Goddess and bring a powerful visual presence to your rituals. These are a perfect addition to your rituals and many colors are available for your various purposes.

A woman doing a healing spell will use a white candle and enchant for a body free of illness. To help a friend attract a new partner, use a pink female figural candle and dress it with a love drawing oil.

Use a red female figure candle, dressed with a lust oil for sex and a black candle, to send a particular female away. Please use the sex-drawing work open-ended and never name specific people. Likewise, only use black if she’s just not taking NO for an answer. 

Before lighting any candles for magick, trim the wick with scissors and you will get a smoother burn. Dress your candles with an appropriate oil and roll them in a small amount of conjure powder.

Example Spell Ideas

To find a new love, dress a pink candle with a love oil and for work, use green. For protection, use a black candle and some Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil.

As an example of blessing or healing work, a white, take a white, female candle and dress it with Blessing Oil. Sprinkle a ring of Blessing Powder around the base of the candle. Additionally, you might sprinkle a fine layer, on the candle, itself. Say your spell or prayers and light the candle.

Furthermore, place a photo of the woman you’re trying to bless, underneath the candle. If you don’t want to ruin the photo, you may scan it and print a copy for the spell. Or, put the candle on a clear, glass plate, so the photo is still visible, beneath. Adding personal concerns, such as some of her hair or fingernail clippings, etc, provides an extra powerful link.

See also Skull Candles

Sold as a curio only 

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