Elemental Powders Sampler


You’re excited about the Elemental Powders… but… you really want to try them, first.

You need an Elemental Powder Sampler!

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Elemental Powders Sampler –

You’re all excited about the Elemental Powders… but… you really want to try them, first.

You need an Elemental Incense Sampler pack!

Everybody Loves A Sampler!

There’s easily enough powder in each one of these samples to get you through several uses. Each Elemental Powder Sampler pack comes with all four blends of the magickal Elements.

Once you fall in love with them (and you will), you come back and get the full size. Those gorgeous, 60 mL glass bottles are gonna look awesome on your shelf!

I’d offer these samplers a little cheaper if I could but some of the stuff in these powders is pricey. A lot of time, energy and ritual focus goes into making each batch. Not to mention the fact that putting together sample sizes is time consuming.

But you’re getting a little of each one, for less than the price of one, full, 60 mL, glass bottle. Pretty good deal, I’ll say.

And they’re not just pretty like so many things available these days. Instead, they’re full of useful sorcery.

A What? A Powder? What the… ?!

Unfortunately these days, powders are less en vogue. But back in the day, a most badass brand of sorcery was done with dirt.

There are two types of dirt. There’s literal dirt, as in crossroads dirt, dirt from the local bank, police station, graveyard, etc. Those link a working to a particular place.

Then there are powders. This is like incense… that you don’t burn. See my article How To Use Magick Powders, to get the skinny on this very cool form of conjure. 

The Elements Series

There are four, classical Elements and then, there’s Spirit. Spirit is not an Element, per se. It is rather, an alchemical perfection of the other four. there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series.

The entire Elemental Magick Series finds its basis on one, simple idea. Which is, that a magician should learn the building blocks of the Universe.

You want to first have a solid understanding of the four Elements. Then, the seven, classical Planets. Following these are the twelve, astrological Signs.

Once you solidly download each of these into your sorcerous hard drive, you proceed to Spirits and Deities.

Elemental Fire Powder

Rule over the realm of Elemental Fire, that of energy, competition, sex drive, quick actions and the quest for higher states, those of both luxurious joy and mad power.

Need to work with the Spirits of Fire, known as Salamanders? Perhaps you need to invoke a Fire Spirit from one of the grimoires, one which is attributed to Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Mars.

Maybe you want to augment your work with the Sun or just Elemental Fire, in general?

Elemental Air Powder 

Grounding of the mind, solidification of ideas. Four, herbs, roots and resins, linking as closely as possible to the realm of Yetzirah, that qabalistic world of logical thought, astral forms and the conscious mind.

Bringing our attentions up the winding stairwell of the mind, we feel the dust of clouds in our hands. Silky smooth sands, pouring through the great hourglass in the heavens.

Want to work with the Sylphs of the Air realm? Practicing your pathworking, ascending to the level of Yetzirah?

Want to hone your astral travel skills? Harness the power of the Ruach, the thinking mind? Rise up on the Planes? Dust yourself down with this first and get that little extra oomph you need for lift off.

Elemental Water Powder

All the hidden keys of the Water plane reveal themselves here. The playful Water Sprites come to play.

Elemental Water rules over the unconscious mind and touches any process which is more feeling than logic. All gut level intuition is here and so are the nurturing instincts.

When you work with Earthy part of Water, it stirs up your unconscious mind and the psychic senses. We catch faint whiffs of the past and come into harmony with the instinctive. We experience stuff we cannot quite put a finger on… we just know

Plumb the depths of your deeper self or program a talisman to bring out specific feelings (or perhaps to eliminate them).

Dress talismans, mojo bags and petition papers with this powder. Use it to ground the altar for Water workings. Or, offer it to the entities of Water, be they planetary, zodiacal, or the Spirits of the rivers, oceans and streams.

Elemental Earth Powder

This blend of magica materia is an earthy concoction of Earth. Within it, the Earth finds itself in familiar territory with Earthy herbs. Four total resins and roots, plumbing deep down to center of the Underworld.

Corresponding as closely as possible to the Element of Earth, each does its part. The scent is subtle and pleasant. It calls up ideas of freshly plowed fields, peat moss, bogs and wild meadows after spring rains.

More importantly, it resonates with the Earth Spirits, the Gnomes, and other entities of the realm of Assiah and terra firma.



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