Elemental Incense Sampler


You’re excited about the Elemental Incense blends… but… you’re just not sure, yet. You’d like to try them, first.

What you need is a Elemental Incense Sampler pack!


Elemental Incense Sampler –

You’re all excited about the Elemental Incense blends… but… you’d really like to try them, first.

You need an Elemental Incense Sampler pack!

Everybody Loves A Sampler!

There’s easily enough incense in each one of these samples to get you through several, short rituals. Or, use it all up in one, really long ritual. Then you can come back and get the full size, 60 mL glass bottle, which is going to look awesome on your shelf!

Each Elemental Incense Sampler pack comes with a free charcoal block, so you can try out the blends, right away.

The Elements Series

There are four, classical Elements and then, there’s Spirit. Spirit is not an Element, per se. It is rather, an alchemical perfection of the other four. there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series.

The entire Elemental Magick Series finds its basis on one, simple idea. That is… a magician should follow the logical order of the building blocks of the Universe. You want to first have a solid understanding of the Elements. Then, the seven, classical Planets. Following these are the twelve, astrological Signs.

Once you solidly download each of these into your sorcerous repertoire, then you may proceed to Spirits and Deities.


Fire Incense

Rule over the realm of Elemental Fire, that of energy, competition, sex drive, quick actions and the quest for higher states, those of both luxurious joy and mad power. Need to work with the Spirits of Fire, known as Salamanders? Perhaps you need to invoke a Fire Spirit from one of the grimoires, one which is attributed to Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Mars. Maybe you want to augment your work with the Sun or just Elemental Fire, in general? Toss a healthy pinch of this stuff on your charcoal and they’ll come just a bit closer to your circle.

Air Incense

The Element Series brings you the essence of Elemental Air, fueling the fires of the mind. Four, herbs, roots and resins, linking as closely as possible to the realm of Yetzirah, that qabalistic world of logical thought, astral forms and the conscious mind. Bringing our attentions up the winding stairwell of the mind, we smell the burnt offerings, brought to the flames by the little Gnomes of Earth and the Sylphs of Air. Ascend to the level of Yetzirah and harness the power of the Ruach, the thinking mind.

This incense contains real Mastic. If you’re not familiar, Mastic is quite expensive compared to other resins (like Frankincense and Myrrh). However, it’s one of the best resins for capturing the spirit of Elemental Air.

Elemental Water Incense

All the hidden keys of the Water plane reveal themselves and the playful Water Sprites come to enjoy the scent. Elemental Water rules over the unconscious mind and touches any thinking which is based more on feeling than logic. All impulsive action is here and so are the nurturing instincts. Know that when you smell this incense burning, it will indeed stir up your unconscious mind and your psychic senses, as well.

Here, we smell the things of the past. We recognize scents such as meals cooked for us by loved ones, the smell of your childhood pets, right after a bath. Recall the smell of that favorite shirt, as you pull it out of the wash and hang it up to dry. Naturally, these are the familiar scents that made you feel safe. Plumb the depths of your deeper self or program a talisman to bring out specific feelings (or perhaps to eliminate them).

Smoke talismans, mojo bags and petition papers with this incense. Use it to invoke or offer to the entities of Water, be they planetary, zodiacal, or the Spirits of the rivers, oceans and streams. We often refer to the Water Spirits as Undines. The Archangel of Water is Gabriel and the Queen of the Undines is Nichsa. Water closely parallels Luna, the Moon, since She rules our oceans and tides. This is therefore an excellent lunar offering.

Earth Incense

Earth Incense… The Element Series of Conjure Incense seeks to capture the essence of each, magickal Element, kindling the Air, through the medium of primordial Fire. This is Air of Earth. The Element is Earth and the sub-Element is Air. Earth Powder is the Earth of Earth. Water of Earth is Earth Oil. Earth Incense is the Water of Earth.

This blend of magica materia carries within itself, the Earth to perfume the Air. This concoction of four, herbs, roots and resins corresponds as closely as possible to the Element of Earth. It reminds us of freshly plowed fields, peat moss, bogs and wild meadows after spring rains. More importantly, it resonates with the Earth Spirits, the Gnomes and other entities of the realm of Assiah and terra firma.

Since there are four, classical Elements (Spirit being and alchemical perfection of the other four), there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series. These are four, top shelf ingredients, to be sure.

For example, this formula contains three, separate variations of Storax; a powdered form of the sacred wood, along with a handful of Turkish bark that has been chopped into tiny bits. Into this was mixed a liberal amount of some actual, Liquidamber orientalis liquid resin! And that’s just the one ingredient… the Storax. There are also three, other ingredients, each aligned with Elemental Earth!


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