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Known in Hoodoo practice as Sampson Snake Root, Echinacea helps cure illness and primarily restores male virility.




Echinacea purpurea

(Sampson Snake Root)

Available in:  Root and Leaf

Size: 1 ounce

Planet:  Sol

Magickal Element: Fire

Astrological Sign:  Leo

Gender:  Masculine

Some Additional, Folk Names: Black Sampson, Sampson Snake Root, Coneflower, Rudbeckia


Uses of Echinacea

Known in Hoodoo practice as Sampson Snake Root, Echinacea helps cure illness and primarily restores male virility, all around. While helpful for men and women alike, Echinacea is mainly for men in Hoodoo practice.The American Indians used it as an offering to their Spirits and for modern day witches, it’s a powerful, magickal amplifier, boosting other spell components.

It is considered a powerful herb or root to create respect and success, as well as to draw lovers. See also, POWER! Potion and POWER! Bath Mix.

Certified Organic

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and your work is purer, closer to the source. The next best thing to harvesting these herbs and roots yourself, going organic puts you deeper in tune with Elemental Earth. You won’t have to deal with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

The herbs, roots, resins and other, materia magica available here are all either organic or wild-harvested. They’re great for all your spell work needs, because they are purer, pulled straight from Mother Earth.

Many of these items are pure enough to use in homeopathic medicines and the spices are great for general cooking! Please read the descriptions carefully and do outside research.

Always consult your physician and take care, before ingesting any herbs, roots, etc.

Conjure Work herbs, oils, powders and incenses are safe and high quality. However, a small percentage of people will have allergies that even natural, 100% organic substances may aggravate. A substance that is completely harmless and even healthy for one person might cause a slightly allergic reaction in someone with a more sensitive system.

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