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Now offering up a stunning, yet subtle way to work with the Spirits of Earth, The Element Series brings you a powder for conjuring in the realm of Assiah, terra firma . This powder may be considered Earth of Earth .

Elemental Earth is the realm of our bodies, anything we can own, the sex life and anything to do with money. Here, you can learn the powers of stones, herbs, roots, flowers, Earth Spirits and more.

Powders are used in Hoodoo for dusting items, people, poppets, places, etc. They can also be used to draw sigils, veves, etc.

Reminding us of freshly cut grasses, rainy mountain passes and recently turned flower beds, this powder is quite subtle in its scent, even despite the fact that it is less than 50% talcum. The bulk of it is made up finely ground herbs and roots that are strongly associated with Elemental Earth.

One key ingredient of this blend, related to Saturn and Capricorn, the sign of Saturn’s rulership, is the renowned Solomon’s Seal Root. Very earthy, indeed.

Since there are four, classical Elements (Spirit being an alchemical perfection of the other four), there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series .

If you are seeking to work with the Gnomes (Elemental Spirits), Earth Deities, ancestors, Earth-based familiars or sub-lunar Spirits, then this powder will be an excellent addition to your sorcerous arsenal.

See the article about how to use magickal powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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