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Earth Oil


Earth Oil – Seeking to capture the true essence of each magickal Element, the standard mediums of sorcery. The Element Series offers up to you, an outstanding oil of Elemental Earth.

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Earth Oil – Seeking to capture the true essence of each magickal Element, the standard mediums of sorcery. The Element Series offers up to you, an outstanding oil of Elemental Earth.

We have here Water of Earth. Floating in liquid pool of mineral oil, we discover the building blocks of the world. Water, carrying within itself, a concoction of four bits of Earth magica materia. These herbs, roots and resins align perfectly with the essence of the Earth realm.

There are four, classical Elements and four  ingredients in this Earth Oil. This is true for each of the formulas in The Element Series.

The Fifth Element

We leave out Spirit, because it’s an alchemical perfection of the other four Elements. But it’s never absent, since you will utter your Earth prayers into the oils, incenses and powders, as you use them. These… are your Element of Spirit!

Not sure which prayers to use? First, consult your own Tradition, as each will differ in tone and the entities you call upon.

For a standard, Hermetic approach, one will do well to utilize the Prayer of the Gnomes. This conjuration comes from Eliphas Levi’s, Rituel de la Haute Magie. 

The Realm of Elemental Earth

Elemental Earth is the realm of our bodies and it presides over anything we can own. The sex life is here and anything to do with money must filter through the Earth realm. In these fields and caves, you learn the powers of stones, herbs, roots, flowers and of Earth Spirits.

Hinting at whiffs of the vegetation you find around farms, the fragrance of this oil will plug you straight into the ground. It reminds us of old watering holes and mountain pastures, growing wild. The realms of Elemental Earth are opening to you, even now.

These carefully chosen herbs root strongly in association with Elemental Earth. Corresponding to heavy Saturn, in Virgo, the sign of mutable Earth, Patchouli is an important ingredient.

Sorcerers Speak of Patchouli as a twisting herb, when alone, it is mischievous, has a mind of its own. Rather than allowing it to wander any way it chooses, I blend in other, benevolent Spirits.

The other three, plant teachers are strong guides, who keep the Spirit of Patchouli on its proper course. The whole, harnessing the parts, the mixture  grounds properly, your magickal intentions.

Earth Spirits

This is an excellent tool for working with the Gnomes (Elemental Spirits), ancestors, Earth familiars and sub-lunar Spirits. Earth Oil is an excellent addition to your sorcerous arsenal. Use it to give your familiars a foothold into your world, so they are able to work for you.

The Archangel of Earth is Auriel. The Elemental Spirits are the Gnomes and their King is Ghob, from where we get the term goblin.

Working Earth Magick

To effectively employ the Elemental Earth products, you want to charge them with the power of the Earth Spirits. This is simpler than you might think and there are several different ways to go about it.

Remember that the Earth Element is about manifestation and it deals purely with the physical plane of existence. Say have a project that isn’t taking off and you want to get it off the draft board and into the assembly line.

Dress a black or brown candle with Earth Oil and focus on your intention, as you do it. Try intoning (vibrating), the Divine Name ADONAI HA-ARETZ as you dress the candle.

Light it… if possible, where you want it to manifest or where you’re working on it. This will force it from the higher realms of Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah and push it down into Assiah.

Conjure Club

For an in-depth exploration of working through each Element, I recommend Conjure Club. Take a moment and follow that link, as it speaks for itself.

Also, check out How To Use Magickal Oils, on the Free Magick Lessons page!

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