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The Element Series of Conjure Incense seeks to capture the essence of each, magickal Element through the medium of primordial Fire.

What we have here could be termed the Earth of Fire. This blend of combustible magica materia carries within itself, the Earth to fuel the Fire . This concoction of four, herbs, roots and resins corresponds as closely as possible to the Element of Earth.

It reminds us of freshly plowed fields, peat moss, bogs and wild meadows after spring rains. More importantly, it resonates with the Earth Spirits, the Gnomes and other entities of the realm of Assiah and terra firma.

Since there are four, classical Elements (Spirit being and alchemical perfection of the other four), there are four ingredients for each of the formulas in The Element Series .

These are four, top shelf ingredients, to be sure. For example, this formula contains three, separate variations of Storax; a powdered form of the sacred wood, along with a handful of Turkish bark that has been chopped to tiny bits. Into this was mixed a liberal amount of some actual, Liquidamber orientalis liquid resin!

All that is just the one ingredient… the Storax. There are also three, other ingredients, each aligned with Elemental Earth!

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