Drawstring Tea Bags, Potions, Tonics, Baths, muslin, cotton, cloth bag
Drawstring Tea Bags to brew Conjure Work potions and to brew Hoodoo style floor washes.

Drawstring Tea Bags

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They are ideal for brewing herbal tea in them or making small, herbal sachets. You can also put herbs in them and throw them in your tub for magickal baths. The best way to tie these is to use a typical shoelace knot, only skip the first loop and go straight to the bows. This makes it easier to untie them, later.

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Drawstring Tea Bags – These 100% cotton bags are ideal for brewing herbal tea in them and for making herbal sachets.


The best way to tie these is to use a typical shoelace knot but skip that first loop and go straight to the bows. This makes it easier to untie them, later and you get far more use out of them.

You can put herbs in these little bags and throw them into your tub for spiritual baths, like the King Solomon Wisdom Bath Mix. If you’re doing a Hoodoo floor wash, you can do the same thing. I personally keep a handful of them for that purpose. Those particular bags, I’ve marked a large X on them with a Sharpie marker, so I don’t get them mixed up with the ones I’m using for tea; that would be gross 🙁

I have some of these drawstring tea bags that I use for spiritual baths (marked with a B for bath), some for floor washes (marked with an X) and some for tea (unmarked).

When brewing your potions, like the Desire Me! Potion, use these drawstring tea bags. All of the Potions and Bath Mixes can be used as floor washes . See the Free Magick Lessons page for how to do that. Also, consider The Nascent Magician course, for complete training.

Clean Up

Once done with your potion, tonic or bath, squeeze out any excess water and lay it on the counter, to dry. Be careful to let them cool down, first and lay them in the sunlight for about 6-12 hours. You can just lay them on the kitchen counter or the bathroom counter. Once they are good and dry, you untie the bag, turn them inside out over the trash can and let all the dry debris fall out.

I never wash these. The reason is that even for the tea, I’m letting them air dry in the sun, which kills bacteria. Plus, anytime you use them, you are literally pouring boiling hot water directly on to them, which is certain to kill any bacteria stone dead. If you do decide to wash them anyway, do it by hand and let them air dry. Don’t use soap for bags that you use for tea or potions or else they will taste like soap. Dishwashing machines will usually destroy the bags.

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  1. Mary Hill (verified owner)

    The drawstring tea bags are so cute. I like that you can hand wash them.. Thank you

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