Desire Me Love Drawing Potion


Desire Me! A love-drawing potion for drinking, designed to attract love into your life

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Desire Me Love Drawing Potion – A potion to attract love into your life.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Lady’s Mantle, Rose Petals, Brown Sugar, Vervain.

Seven herbs, lovingly coming together. Its balance of energies ensures both magickal potency and great flavor.

Size: 4 oz, tin container, with a clear top. Size is by volume, not by weight.

A tin usually holds 6-8 servings. It depends upon how strong you make each cup (how much you use). It also depends on the ingredients of the particular potion or tonic. That’s because some ingredients are bulkier than others. 

Don’t forget the drawstring tea bags.

Goddess of Love

All the herbs align with the planet Venus and Her reputation is without equal, in the area of attraction.
Whether you’re seeking a lover forever or a lover for the night, this will do the trick.

However, I design it to lean toward the long term. So if a temporary fix is what you crave, don’t feign surprise when you land one you fall in love with. Or perhaps you remain aloof but they want to tie you down.

Triple Power

Soon, I will offer the short term counterpart, with a Lust Potion and the trifecta is complete.

Right now, there’s Keep Me! for the couples and Desire Me Love Drawing Potion, for those seeking long term. The Lust Potion includes the final lot, the craven bunch.

While I obviously cannot legally guarantee that this will work for you, witches know that certain herbs help attract mates. Here, you have seven such herbs!

Seven is the number of Venus and this potion contains seven herbs and spices, relating to Venus and attracting love.

I recommend that while you search for love, you drink a cup of this every Friday morning at dawn. Friday is the day of Venus. Do this while reading from The Song Of Solomon in the Bible.

If you want to enrich a CURRENT love in your life, then go to the Keep Me! Love Potion.

This potion is NOT for women who are pregnant or nursing. It’s perfectly safe for anyone else, unless you have any allergies. Look over the ingredients first for anything you’re allergic to. Contains Sugar.

Sold as a curio only

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Weight 3 oz
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