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Cut And Clear Bath Mix – This is a ritual bath mix to clear away the psychic bonds of a relationship that is no more. Cut the ties of forlorn obsession.

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Cut And Clear Bath Mix – This is a ritual bath mix to clear away the psychic bonds of a relationship that is no more. Cut the ties of forlorn obsession.

If you are going through a breakup, you are  obsessing over a person, get this bath mix and reclaim yourself.

In conjunction with taking this bath, you say prayers. There are wonderful Psalms you can choose from. For this type of work, you want to use the Cut And Clear card, in the Bath Cards section.

Floor Wash

Also, use these bath mixes as a floor wash, another Hoodoo type of working. Floor washes set the energy in a home to the way you want.

You just boil some water, add this mixture into it and steep it like a tea. Add it to your mop water and mop your floors. Go from the front door to the back to draw in an energy or from the back of the house to the front, to send it away. For Cut & Clear work, definitely go back to front.

As you mop, pray aloud and focus on your new life, in which you trouble no more over that person.

Why Do A Cut And Clear?

In our culture, we hold a spiritual ceremony, a wedding, where we vow before God. In Pagan hand-fasting, the God and Goddess look on the couple and give the union a Divine sanction.

However, statistics show that more than half of all marriages fail, probably closer to 60%. We won’t digress into a discussion of whether marriage is a solid institution or not.

Instead, simply observe that billions of people marry, in the sight of God. These couples are pledging to stay together, through good times and bad. This is indeed a potent form of magickal, oath-swearing.

The gods tend to frown upon unkept vows of any type. Still, wed couples are either bailing out when it gets hard… or they are left by the other half.

If you have a ceremony, asking the Divine to sanctify your union, and then you break the vow… you‘d better have another ceremony. In this one, you explain to the almighty that things didn’t work out.  You ask forgiveness, if you are the one bailing.

If your partner leaves you, you still ask forgiveness. Why? Because it’s the Divine you’re taking to, that’s why. You simply explain that you are not perfect and you were still trying but they have gone, anyway. You ask for release from the bond and for relief from your suffering.

Combine this bath ritual with burning Cut And Clear Incense and dress yourself with Cut And Clear Powder.

Allergy Warning

This bath mixture contains Black Walnut Leaf, so please be aware of that, if you have any kind of nut allergies!

See the article How To Take A Ritual Bath, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Don’t Forget the Drawstring Tea Bags, to make your bath experience cleaner. And the Healing Bath Card can make your bath far better and more powerful.

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