Cut And Clear Powder


Cut And Clear Powder – Cut dead relationships, exes that you’re done with and move on, once and for all. This is what you use to help you cut the cord. Get unwanted persons (and the attraction to them) out of your life.

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Cut And Clear Powder

This is a ritual powder to remove unhealthy attachments that you need to let go of.

When an old relationship is still haunting you, a Cut & Clear ceremony informs your unconscious that it’s time to let go.

Lose the toxic baggage and move into your new life.  Drop your attraction for people who clearly are unworthy of your affection and shoo them out of your   life.

Did you just go through a breakup or are you obsessing over someone that you know isn’t good for you? In love with someone who isn’t even available?


Ending a relationship is hard and that’s true, whether you end it yourself or it was the other person’s decision.

It hurts badly, either way and Cut & Clear products are a ritual means to clear away those heavy emotions. Take some positive steps towards ending the unnecessary part of the suffering.

Notice that I said unnecessary and know that I am referring to only part of the sorrow. It’s incredibly unhealthy to run away from the pain that a breakup causes and I urge you to sit with the pain, as best as you are able. That’s a powerful way to get through it and it’s only accomplished by refusing to outright reject the hurt you’re feeling.

Beginning the End

Still, many people just wander aimlessly through miserable conditions that are lingering, due to a romantic ending.

The way out of that is ritualize the process of letting go and to signal to your unconscious mind that it is, in fact, over.

When going through a breakup, Cut & Clear Powder is one piece of the puzzle and right now, you need every little piece you can get.

Let the words on the Cut & Clear Bath Card help you process all those feelings and cut those ties.

No Longer Bound To The Past

Refuse to obsess any longer, over a person you know is not healthy for you. Also, use the Cut & Clear Oil and don’t forget the Cut & Clear Incense.

The rituals you use these products for are essentially a type of spiritual divorce, ending it, once and for all. Whether a wife or husband, whether a boyfriend or girlfriend, or just a passing fling, it’s over and you need this.

Start by reading How To Take A Ritual Bath and then, bathe in Cut & Clear Bath Mix.

Allow yourself to air dry and put on clean, white clothing (if you have it). Do a Cut & Clear ritual, using the incense, oil (to dress candles with) and powder to put on your body. If you need help, see me for a session of Conjure Coaching and I will walk you through the instructions.

Cutting the Ties That Bind

Cut & Clear is useful in separating yourself from a bad situation that you are holding on to. I’ve seen it work wonders in a few situations where obsession to a person, place, situation or a group was causing problems.

Puzzle Pieces

Please note… Cut & Clear is only part of the solution in such cases and you really need outside help to navigate through those.

Also, please avoid anything like alcohol, drugs and running into the arms of someone else. Those things bury the pain temporarily and when it comes back, it’s even worse.

Cut & Clear products and ritual provide you the spiritual side of your support system, enlisting unconscious aid. Cut & Clear Incense frees up space on your emotional hard drive, enabling you to do the other work. It DOES NOT do the work for you.

So ask yourself… since you’re the one who must do the work… when are you going to start? How much longer do you want to wallow in these awful feelings?

Is it possible that it actually gets better, after performing a simple ritual bath and saying some prayers? Is it necessary to put powder on your skin and is it really that simple?

The answer is a resounding YES!

It really is that simple and yet, it’s also quite difficult. The ritual steps are simple and easy to perform.

Allowing yourself to feel all the feelz… that’s the part that hurts but the sooner you welcome the pain, the sooner you get your life back.


Be sure to read the article How To Use Magick Powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page. The secrets to working with these powders and manifesting your intentions lies inside these pages.

Allergy Warning: Contains Walnut.

Do not ingest. For external use only.


Sold as a curio only

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