Court Case Bath Mix


Court Case Bath Mix is for use in any spell work you are doing to deal with court matters.

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Court Case Bath Mix is for use in any spell work you are doing to deal with court matters.

You take a Ritual Bath in this mixture, before you go into court and/or before you do any Court Case spell work.

You can also use these bath mixes as a floor wash, another Hoodoo type of working that sets the energy in a home to the way you want. You just boil some water, add this mixture into it and steep it like a tea. Then add it to your mop water and mop your floors. Be sure to go from the front door to the back to draw in an energy or from the back of the house to the front, to send it away.


There are many ways to approach court spells. Some of them will appeal to you and others won’t, go with what makes sense to you.

After taking your ritual bath in the Court Case Bath Mix, you will want to burn brown candles that you have dressed with Court Case Oil.

Also, try dusting yourself with Court Case Powder. after your ritual bath. You will also want to burn Court Case Incense.

Be sure to read the article about ritual baths and when you pray, enlist the aid of a merciful deity and your ancestors or your other guides.

Hoodoo workers usually recite Psalms, traditionally Psalm 7, 31, 32, 35 or 37. I have bath cards available for these.


Other Tricks

Another useful Hoodoo trick for court case workings is to use Low John Root, aka Galangal. You put a pinch of it in your mouth and chew it discreetly in the courtroom. Don’t swallow it but the traditional method is to spit it out on the floor of the courtroom. Obviously, this could backfire, if it’s not done with the greatest secrecy. I won’t advise you to do it but I will say that I’ve done it, myself and to good effect.

I don’t see it as a disrespect to the courtroom or the judge, personally. Rather, it’s a type of reversal spell against whatever charges have been laid against you. Or, if you are the accuser, then it’s spitting back the bad luck to the person who brought trouble on to you. However, if you’re skittish about the spitting, Low John Root can just as easily be carried in a mojo bag!

Certain essential oils and herbs may irritate some people’s skin. Try a tiny amount first.

For external use only. Do not ingest. Sold as a curio only.

Be sure to read my articles on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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