Conjure Work Powder Sampler


You’re excited about the Conjure Work Powders… but… you want to try them, first.

You need a Conjure Work Powder Sampler!

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Conjure Work Powder Sampler


You’re all excited about the Conjure Work Powders… but… you really want to try them, first.

You need a Conjure Work Powder Sampler pack!

Many people are unfamiliar with what powders do in terms of spells. They’re actually a far more versatile method of grounding your spells into manifestation than oils or incense are.

Includes: 8 or more various sample-size Conjure Work brand spell powders.

There are scads of different ways to use powders. The items in the Conjure Work Powder Sampler are fun to work with. Lots of different purposes are covered, so you’ll always have at least one useful angle for your workings.

Check out this article, How To Use Magick Powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page, for more information.

Everybody Loves A Sampler!

There’s easily enough in each one of these sample sizes for several uses. You can try them out and then, come back and get the full size. The stylish looking 60 mL glass bottle is going to look awesome on your shelf!

Each Conjure Work Powder Sampler pack comes with all seven of the classical Planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury and Luna.

Hoodoo It Up

After the four, magick Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the Seven, Classical Planets are the next most important forces. Following these are the twelve, astrological Signs. 

Once you work with these, you proceed to Spirits, Deities and personal power spells. Those are the type of spells that you put your own energy into, without asking a Spirit for help. They’re also not astrological magick (necessarily), because you’re not tapping a planet’s power.

Of course, powders such as Love Draw, New Money and Fiery Wall go exceedingly well with astrological timing. They become more potent when you utilize the powers of Deities, as well. But some practitioners choose to use neither of these for a good many their spells. I personally do all of the above. I do Pagan, Hoodoo and Ceremonial Magick of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Some of the powders are specifically geared to particular Spirits. Some examples:

La Santísima Muerte Powder

Spread La Santísima Muerte Powder anyplace you want to invoke the forces of The Most Holy Death. This powder invokes Her benevolent, White Aspect, for guidance and spiritual growth. 

Hekate Powder

A general purpose powder for any type of work with the sorcerous Goddess of the crossroads. Hekate Powder has a bit of each type of energy in it. I chose to go this way with it because She embodies a highly pragmatic and flexible approach to sorcery. It’s not that you will never want to make a specific powder for a specific spell; you might. However, this one is useful for any type of work with Her.

Likewise, you may obviously use any of the other powders in your workings with Her. Don’t use powders bearing the name of a different Spirit or a Planet in spells that call upon Hekate. Additionally, this rule holds true for any Spirit. But most of them are fine. Use Clarity Powder, Fiery Wall of Protection, Invisibility Powder and many others.

Helios Powder

The Titan of the Sun chariot. Helios Powder helps you call on the assistance of the Sun God for healing, divination, honor/respect. Use for attainment of friendship, as well as inspiration in music, especially string instruments.



Saint Cyprian Powder

Much like the Hekate Powder, this is an all-purpose formula for invoking St. Cyprian of Antioch. Read all about him at: Saint Cyprian Powder.

Other Types

Here are some of the powders for general spell workings:

Invisibility Powder

Invisibility Powder helps you fly under the radar when you need to. Use responsibly and ethically, please. Don’t use it for nefarious purposes or depend on it too often for staying out of trouble; emergencies only.

Clarity Powder

For healing, for riches, seats at the big table and for better divination, Sol Powder assists you.

Love Draw Powder

Use Love Draw Powder for attracting new love interests. Please do not target specific persons. Instead, simply specify the type of person you are seeking. Read more details at the link.

Sold as a curio only

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