Conjure Work Incense Sampler pack, 12, sample size packets of incense!

Conjure Work Incense Sampler


Conjure Work Incense Sampler – You’re all excited about the Conjure Work brand incense blends… butyou’d really like to try them, first.

You need a Conjure Work Incense Sampler pack!

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Conjure Work Incense Sampler –

You’re all excited about the Conjure Work brand incense blends… but… you’d really like to try them, first.

You need a Conjure Work Incense Sampler pack!

Everybody Loves A Sampler!

There’s easily enough incense in each one of these samples to get you through several, short rituals. Or, use it all up in one, really long ritual.

Includes: 12 or more various sample-size Conjure Work brand incense packs for a variety of spells.

Once you know they work (and you will know, soon), you can come back and get the full size. That beautiful, 60 mL glass bottle, which is going to look awesome on your shelf! Those bottles hold quite a lot of incense, enough for many, many rituals.

Each Conjure Work Incense Sampler pack comes with a free charcoal block, so you can try out the blends, right away.

Hoodoo Style Rootwork

Get your old school, southern gris gris on, with formulas like Cut & Clear, King Solomon Wisdom,

Court Case Incense

Court Case Incense is for use in any spell work you are doing to deal with court matters. You can burn this incense by itself or as you burn your candles (usually brown). Use it to smudge or “smoke” petition papers and stack the deck in your favor. That system is broken, better do all you can to get out of it in one piece! 

New Money Incense

Who couldn’t use a little extra money?! Well… some people have more than they could ever possibly spend. But most of us could use more.

The fact that there are people sitting on stockpiles of money that they don’t even need is proof that the money exists.

You just have to provide some type of service or product people need. But that’s not enough, these days. You have to have an extra edge and that’s where Conjure comes in.

Smoke (suffumigate) things like your business cards and money talismans, mojos, etc, with this. Cense yourself and your home or place of business with it. Draw new customers, clients, reviews, contracts, leads, etc. 

Uncrossing Incense

Sometimes, we get spiritually crossed up and it can happen without realizing it. Something as trivial as poor thinking habits can cause it and evil Spirits, malefic beings can, too.

A curse or a haunting might mess you up. However it happens, an Uncrossing Ritual with this blend will set you straight.

King Solomon Wisdom Incense


Before you plan any spells or workings, it’s best to make sure you are thinking straight. Call upon the wise old King Solomon for insight and assistance.

Using this formula is as simple as wafting the smoke over your head, seven times. Read aloud Second Chronicles, Chapter 1, particularly verses 7-12.

Much More!

That’s just a few of the blends you get to sample! You get at least a dozen different blends to try out! If there’s a particular blend (or several) you’re really wanting, let me know.

However, it’s subject to availability. If I am out of a particular blend, you might have to try another or wait. I cannot promise that I will have every blend that I make, on hand at any given time.

Sold as a curio only

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