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Coltsfoot herb, Tussilago farfara; feminine herb used in Venus magick, for inducing visions, creating love charms, instilling peace and harmony.

Available as powder or herb

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Available In: Herb and Powder

Tussilago farfara

Feminine, Venus, Water, Taurus

Size: 1 ounce

Uses for Coltsfoot

Use in any of your Venus magick, to induce visions and to make love charms. Coltsfoot helps instill peace and create a sense of harmony.

As a harbinger of both visions and love trances, Coltsfoot can be used to create subtle illusions.

A glamor (or the British spelling, glamour) is a type of mirage, often attributed to witches. Sorcerers and various magickal creatures such as fairies and vampires use glamours to attract.

The Fay (or Faerie Folk) of Celtic mythology bend the minds of men, causing them to see whatever the Faerie wants them to see.

John Michael Greer, in his excellent book entitled Monsters, covers this topic in wonderful detail.

Coltsfoot is linked by the doctrine of signatures with the Planet Venus. Venus is the Goddess of Love, luxury, relationships and the arts.

Not much of a stretch is needed to see the connections between Coltsfoot and magick aimed at producing visions. Whether you seek to utilize visions of love of those of lust, Coltsfoot will work. One can induce glamours of all sorts and produce highly interesting results.

However, we cannot rule out the possibilities it holds for scrying, divination and astral projection.

Finally, some people, those interested in alternative smoking blends, choose to use this as a tobacco substitute.


Sold as a curio only

Certified Organic

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and make your work pure, closer to the source. It’s the next best thing to harvesting these herbs and digging up roots yourself. Going organic puts you deeper in tune with Earth and… no hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers to deal with.

The herbs, roots, resins and other, materia magica available here are all either organic or wild-harvested. They’re great for all your spell work needs, because they are purer, pulled straight from Mother Earth.

Many of these items are pure enough to use in homeopathic medicines and the spices are great for general cooking! Please read the descriptions carefully and do outside research.

Always consult your physician and take care, before ingesting any herbs, roots, etc.

Conjure Work herbs, oils, powders and incenses are safe and high quality. Some people will have allergies and even natural, 100% organic substances may aggravate those. A substance that’s completely harmless for one person might cause a slightly allergic reaction in someone else. Everyone has a different system and some people may need to use more caution.

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